10 Haunted Places in the World that will Scare the Hell Out of You

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Halloween may be over but the thrill and action provided by fear isn’t. Fear and love are said to be the most extreme feelings a human can feel. This makes fear one of our most cherished feelings. Fear is all around, and there nothing to be afraid about this,

Just look at all the horror movies we are bombarded with. We had conjuring 2 this year as well as Under the Shadow, both of which are exceptional as well as horrifying movies. Though, i would like to say that the latest part of insidious was nowhere as good as the first part.

The point is, at certain times we like to get scared the hell out of us, or horror movies would not have earned so much. This is why, even after Halloween, visiting a few haunted places just might be the thing to do.

Here are a few Haunted Places that you must visit

The Stanley Hotel

A few miles from Rocky Mountains, The Stanley Hotel has forever been engulfed in sinister stories. The Shining, one of the most terrifying novels that explores the extent to which human madness can go, was inspired by this hotel. Certainly, the career of Stephen King was inspired by this hotel. Make sure to check out room no:

  • 418
  • 237
  • 217

Whaley House

Located in San Diego, California, Whaley House was acclaimed as the most haunted house in 2005 by Life Magazine. Death, ghost, revenge, justice and punishment are some sins revolving around in this house. Also, Be Aware of Yankee Jim!

Eastern State Penitentiary

Like penitentiary were not already scary! Right?

Located in Philadelphia, torture seemed to have been the primary source of evil in this place. Inmates being frozen or beaten to death, are usual stories that most people have heard about this place.

Nakagusuku Kogen Hotel

Located in Okinawa, Japan, the hotel is quite close to a castle that has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. An abandoned hotel in the midst of void is surely going to scare the hell out of you. Ever seen the movie poltergeist? That is what some people have experienced here.

The Amityville House

The famed house with the stories of mass homicide and genocide surrounding the place, Amityville has sure attracted many paranormal experts from all over the world. The movie and book that it inspired were already a lot scary but this house provides you with an opportunity to experience the real deal.

The Algonquin Resort

Want to meet courteous ghosts. Well pack your bags for this grand old exotic resort. Here you can encounter ghosts who would do the laundry and dishes for you but do not get too involved with them as their courtesy just might be a fallacy, hiding something much more sinister. You may also get tickets for listening to old folks tales about this hotel.

Myrtles Plantation

Slavery, genocide and greed are the common themes of stories about this place. What most people haven’t felt is the horror of murders committed during the time of civil war in America. Thousands of native Americans were killed on this land making it unholy and evil. Make sure to take your bible and cross before going anywhere near this place.

Bhangarh Fort

Nested between lust green forest of Rajasthan, India, Bhangarh Fort is acclaimed as one of the scariest places on earth. Stories of spirits coming to life at night has kept many away from this fort. Rumors of people disappearing from this place are not unheard of. From ashes to dust, everything in and around the fort is haunted. This is why it is not recommended to visit the place at night. As that is when the real party starts.

The Joshua Ward House

Salem witch trial were truly one of the nadir of humankind. For a greed of a few, thousands were burned to death. Religion and god became of tool of the establishment. Amidst all this was Sheriff George Corwin, notorious for his interrogation tactics in which he used torture as the primary source to get answers and even amusement. It’s said that the house still has an aura of the sadist that once used to reside inside this structure.


Last but not the least, we have the world heavyweight paranormal champion, Mayong. Getting to this place might be a pain, but just let me tell this to all paranormal enthusiasts, this place is the real deal. Though you might not see actual ghosts but you will be able to witness something more horrifying. Mayong  , located in Assam, India, is acclaimed as the Land of Black Magic. Just as in Europe you can find every other kid obsessed with football, similarly in Mayong Black Magic is in Vogue. Even the name of this place means illusion.

Make sure to give some this these places a shot. We know that ghosts aren’t real but what scares us is the lack of proof. There are other horrifying places as well but I’ve to finish writing this and head over to watch the new episode of The Exorcist.

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