4 Must Visit Places in North East India

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India is truly one of the most diverse nations. Having all the qualities of a continent, the Indian Peninsula is the seventh largest country in the world. Tourists can gain disparate experiences. Each place in India has a unique aura to it.

There are a lot of misconceptions that have engulfed North East India. Tourists strictly refrained from going anywhere near the place. This conception is a result of a cataclysm that once subsumed North East India. Though the effects of these events have long subsided and what we have now is a paradise waiting to be explored.

This is something that tourists have realized as tourism has recently soared in North East.

Nestled between lush green forest, North East provides many places of interests for tourists, some of which have been listed below.

Kaziranga National Park

While housing the one horned Rhinoceros, Kaziranga automatically becomes a tourist magnet. The good, the bad and the ugly of nature, all reside in this wildlife sanctuary. Other notable creatures that can easily kill you include leopards and wild boars. You should specifically stay away from Sher Khans at this reserve, especially if you are a human child.

He is a complete racist, or maybe it should be specific.)

Tawang Monastery

Like most places in India, North East is also drenched in religion and spirituality. Located in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang Monastery stands 10,000ft above sea level, so you can guess that it just might be nested between clouds. You may even be able to give your old pal God a high five from the rooftops.

The epitome of Lamaistic faith of Mahayana Buddhism, this monastery provides you with an opportunity to attain nirvana with the help of picturesque landscape. The structure is also one of the architectural feats that house devout monks.

And just to be clear, you will not find any airbenders in or around this monastery. That was all fiction folks!


One of the longest running rivers, Brahmaputra is a one stop source for adventures such as river rafting. The Brahmaputra and its tributaries encompass the whole of North East India. Get a tour of the river, it will definitely be worth the spend.

Though the river runs through Assam, Nagaland, and Tripura as well, still the perfect place to visit it would be from Arunachal Pradesh. Witness the tribals strolling around the shores, not caring about anyone but themselves. That’s how they roll in their neighborhood.)

Elephants, as insane as the Joker, can be seen roaming in the wild evergreen forest. They will definitely not stomp on you if you stay away from them.


Is this an aberrant place?

Oh yes! You can bet on it.

The black magic capital of the world will make you run to God asap. Is magic real? Cannot say. Though this is not the scary part about this place. It is the people, their dressing style and the chanting of mantra that has become the ambiance. The place looks like a tailored set for a horror movie.

Credits definitely go to God.)

Make sure to visit these places, if you ever get a chance to explore North East India. These places will definitely aggrandize your travel experience and will make it worth reminiscing about.

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