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4 Strategies for Staying Comfy on a long Coach Flight

April 14, 2017 Nency Willims 2Comment

Travelling can be as therapeutic for one person as it can be a nuisance for another. Many get an extra joy while they are travelling and believe that it’s not the destination but journey that matters. However, at the same time there are many who would much rather reach the destination than suffer with long journey. For them long flights are a nightmare and if it is in economy cabin then they believe themselves to be doomed. To combat the problems of these individuals we have listed 4 basic strategies that can make your travel in economy class much more comfortable.

  1. Seat Selection: On a long haul flights, especially, seats selected play an important role as they could easily end up making your flight comfortable and relaxing. If you are one of those who don’t sleep much on flight then it’s better to go for aisle seats as now you can get up and stretch whenever you want. Moreover the fact that aisle seats gets more disturbed is just a myth and the space for settling down in these seats are also much more extensive. On long haul flights, moving around is the key as Deep vein thrombosis is as real as it can be.

For those who enjoy sleeping on flights, window seats are much better option as they can use the wall beside to adjust their pillows and also have access to window blinds to adjust the lightening coming in. The only problem with these seats is that it becomes quite difficult to move around as if the person beside is a stranger, it is not right to disturb them again and again, especially if they are sleeping. If possible try to avoid the middle seats as both the view and comfort goes out for the six in these seats. Also ensure the seats are not next to washrooms.

  1. Move Around as much as Possible: Irrespective of the fact you land on the aisle seat or the middle one, it is imperative to move around. You have the right to move, even if the stranger beside you have popped a pill and slept off to his dreamland. In order to keep the blood flow moving in the body in smooth manner, moving every hour or so is much more important. If you are not sleeping peacefully, then this is probably one of the perfect ways to keep yourself energetic for the time when you land. One trick can be to have a steady flow of water which will ensure frequent use of washroom with a perfect alibi ready to make the person beside you move. This will also help to keep you hydrated throughout the flight.
  2. Keep Food Package: International flights, especially the long ones, is known for providing good quality of dishes with those tasty smelling, looking and tasting desserts. However, the point is that having your own packaged food to fall on in case what is served is not what you expected is a very good option. It will also help to avoid that indigestion problem which can easily make your trip unbearable. Furthermore, the attendants generally do not worry about what you are allergic to, so it is better to be safe than sorry and carry on your own set of packed food. Moreover it is cheaper as well as the food sold on flights is generally more expensive when compared to food down below.
  3. Amenity Kits: Amenity kits sold on flights are again quite relaxing for an individual with different range of products in it that the traveler will need for comfortable journey. However, at the same time it can be quite expensive also. The good thing is you can create your own version of amenity kit by including following products in it:
    • Eye Mask and Ear Plugs: Works perfect for peaceful sleep with no worries about disturbance from light or noise.
    • Toiletries: Stuff like toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash and wet towel to keep yourself feeling fresh before you land.
    • Cosmetics: If you are one of those who can’t survive without face cream or lip balm then you can include that also in the kit.      

The above four points can easily make your long haul flight in economy / coach cabin much more comfortable and easy to bear. Ensure that you do try many other tricks and also help to share them with other by commenting them below in the comment section.

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  1. I never check in unless I have a window seat… I love sleeping in planes and waking up in my destination already 😀

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