5 Perfect Fall Festivals in US

October 3, 2017 Sanjana Yadav 1Comment

Fall a season where you can see the leaves changing its color to red and orange. It is basically called the Autumn Season. This season marks the transition from summer to winter. As the summer season is famous for those music festivals while the winter celebrations like Christmas is full of twinkling sky. But the fall festivals are those that have the perfect scenario, sounds, and smell. So for this vacation, if you are planning to take a trip to the US then surely enjoy the festivals coming this fall.

Albuquerque Balloon Festivals: This balloon festival is world largest hot air balloon festival. This Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta takes place in October every year. More than 500 people participate in this festival each year. You can ride in the hot air balloon or watch this wonderful balloons which light up the sky like different birds flying in the sky. It takes place from 21 September to 24 September. Each year you can see more than 600 hot air balloon filling up the sky over 365-acre land which is quite an impressive sight.

 Oktoberfest: The largest Oktoberfest takes place in U.S., Colorado. This Munich-style street party is the celebration of beer with traditional polka music. It is held over 100,000 square-foot pavilions. You can listen to the authentic German music and learn how to pair the proper cheese with proper beer. It a special art if you want a good taste. It takes place September in Ohio. Click on the Oktoberfest, and know more about this fall festival.

Cranberry Festival: Every fall more than 100,000 people gather in Wareham, Massachusetts. It is a harvest festival where the people descend on tiny Warrens, which is a small town to take part in this annual cranberry celebration. As Wisconsin is the leading cranberry producer in the U.S.A. and this cranberry festival is celebrated with a parade, marsh tours and the crowing of cranberry royalty.

Killington Hay Festival: It is a 5-week festival where you can see huge sculptures surrounding Vermont’s Green Mountains especially the countryside. You can find more than 30 large animal sculptures are made completely from the hay. You can take a break at the Killington Chamber of Commerce for a festival map and enjoy the sculptures till Columbus Day. You can also enjoy Brewfest at the Killington Resort where there is more than 70 craft beer from only 20 breweries. Along with Brewfest, you can also enjoy the Spartan Beast Race and other great social gatherings and parties.

National Apple Harvest Festival: The National Apple Harvest Festival is basically held in the first two weeks of October. It is celebrated in the heart of Pennsylvania Apple Country. You can enjoy more than 300 arts and crafts vendors, and a lot more things that a person will surely enjoy. There are many dances including the Native American dancing, tractor square dancing, etc. People can also enjoy the fresh-pressed apple cider and also listen to the Live music in his tiny town just outside the Gettysburg. Along with these many performances and celebrations, there are many competitions held like the apple-bobbing and pie-eating contests. You can enjoy the sampling of apples as jellies, syrups, pancakes, pizza, sausage, cider, cookies and candy on a stick. Too many things to try in this fall festival.

So here is a list of 5 perfect Fall Festivals which you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can also enjoy alone if you like to travel alone. So this, fall without wasting any time book your flight to the US from Faremachine. Book your tickets as soon as you can so that you can fly cheaply to the US.

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