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June 19, 2017 Abhishek Mittal 0Comment

What attracts you to a place? The scenic beauty and the activities that a city offers is what pull us to any city in the first place. The exotic locales – the mountains, the beaches, the flora and the fauna – its serendipity are the major crowd pullers.

And if beaches and water activities are your poison, then Tampa located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, is a destination where you will find plenty of choices to delve into. From historic sites, aquariums and beaches, Tampa allows you to take a vacation filled with adventure.

If you want to have a brief idea about how your day would be spent, let’s look at some of the most popular things to do at Tampa.

Busch Gardens —- The African- themed park amusement park is older than even Disney land nearby, interestingly. Located downtown of Tampa, it is Shelter  to over 12,000 varied animals, offering  live shows, restaurants, shopping destinations that is a tourist’s paradise. You can take a tour of the multiple parks within, take part in Serengati Safari apart from local guided tours.

Boating and recreation— what better experience to see Tampa than boat tours around its bay? You can choose from dolphin cruises, sunset sails and half-day trips. It is 75-minute trip which aims to show you the coastal beauty and spot on the dolphins.

Tampa Bay History Center – To explore the history of Tampa Bay, you could take a tour and explore the nitty-gritty of this popular history museum. The History Center lets you explore the gallery, the Witt Research Center, a museum store among others.

Tampa Riverwalk –The culture of Tampa and adventure lies here. The Riverwalk stands as a hub for art, performances, leisurely walks and lunches – mix of culture and entertainment. The 2.4 mile riverwalk contains 550 photographs by artist Bruce Marsh.

Another attraction that is quite close to the Riverwalk is the Florida Aquarium. The wave-shaped building is house to over 2000 animal and plant life. One cannot afford to miss this trip under the sea because of its massive structure and tropical environment housing thousands of marine life like a swing by the shark tanks, the African penguins and the polar bears.

Big Cat Rescue –This Tampa sanctuary houses exotic felines, over 100 animals from over 14 different species to take your breath away.If you want to spot a variety of wildcats and rare felines, it is recommended that you sign up for a night tour, as the cats rest during the day.

The Straz Center for the Performing Arts – is one of the largest performing arts venues in the United States. Staging over 4000 shows in one season, this center provides its audience with the branched out artists and music to enjoy. Concerts, performances, opera and the Broadway shows; everything under one belt.

Tampa is an exciting city to be in. Apart from the beautiful places of attraction and tourism this city also celebrates numerous festivals and events. Gasparilla is one such name which gives rise to a lot of other events. Jose Gasparilla was a pirate invader who invaded the city of Tampa in the early 19th century. The invasion took a lot of attention and subsequently added over 400,000 people in the parade, who contributed millions of dollars to the city’s economy. Since then Gasparilla Pirate Festival is celebrated in the city of Tampa annually. Alongside this several other events in the name of Gasparilla Pirate are organized in the city which are treat to be a part of. Gasparilla Distance Classic, Gasparilla Festival of Arts, Gasparilla International Film Festival and Gasparilla Children’s Parade are some of the other events dedicated to the Pirate.

‘Bored’- no, this word is not in the dictionary for people living here. The striking town of Tampa is a pleasing and prodigious city for its people. From high on sports people to the insomniac night crawlers everyone lives in this city with a grace of happiness. The city of Tampa allows you find a free soul within you. You can be free, you can be ridiculous here and spend a pleasurable and delightful vacation.

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