Affordable Summer Vacation Destinations From America

Unbelievably Affordable Summer Vacation Destinations From America

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The vacations are around the corner and Schools are already shut. Fridays at the office are getting desolate. Airlines have geared up already to accommodate the 6% increase in the passenger influx expected this season. Here is a list of the most affordable destinations that are most accessible and also affordable that enables them to make an entry to the list of unbelievably affordable Summer Vacation Destinations from America.


The Mile High City has some lovely mild weather and a nonchalant lifestyle with a love for beer. The place also has plenty of museums to explore. Denver is an ideal destination to visit with kids and family. It is one of the affordable options to spend summer vacation.

Denver ranks high on spot for its low travel costs and is comparatively offers a hassle-free travel option.

The city administration also provides CityPASS with good discount featuring 30% savings on attractions like the Downtown Aquarium, Denver Zoo, and the Air & Space Museum.


This is another destination to make its space in unbelievably affordable and perfect getaway list this summer. With a favorable weather and vibrant crowds, airfare and hotel rates are pegged at lower rates to this summer.

Websites like WalletHub call it the amusement park Mecca and KAYAK’s- a travel sites aggregator places Orlando on the 3rd spot for being the most wallet-friendly destination.

San Antonio

San Antonio is an emerging city in Texas with a plenty of free attractions to explore. The cost of an Alamo cab the covers an all-inclusive package, low costs food and drinks together make San Antonio an affordable summer vacation. The free jazz concerts on Friday and the river walk are particularly a must try. This also serves a great starting point to explore Texas road trip or a multi-city trip to places like Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

Round-trip airfare averages around $300 from destinations like Los Angeles and New York City this summer months.

Washington, D.C. metro area

Washington D.C. is one of the top destinations this summer vacation to visit. This city is accessible from a lot many US cities.

The ticket hovers around an average of $300 to DCA this season, Amtrak’s summer fare deals are especially popular on the Acela Express There is an abundance of free attractions including museums and the zoo that keep the cost in check without spoiling the fun.


Located at the cost of Tanzania, East Africa, Zanzibar is a series of islands that are surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It’s a great place for adventure and experiencing the old age charm of impressive facades and buildings. There are tons of activities to engage in like visiting the narrow lanes and streets, exploring the city architecture and museums, or just engage in some pure relaxation at the beaches, or arrange a party on a full moon night at the Kendawa rocks, try snorkeling in the crystal waters of Mnemba Atoll or watch the giant turtles marching their way to their aboard on the Prison Island. Zanzibar offers some great seafood and fish restaurants are especially popular.

And that’s not all when the flights connecting the main airport Dar es Salaam flies through some interesting destinations which make it like two vacations for the price of one. Turkish airline is currently running discount deals at the moment and has a stopover in Istanbul, Ethiad stopover at Abu Dhabi and Emirates stops over at the Emirates. Flight per person works out to be roughly $200


This is an exotic location which has a lot to engage travelers. Take a trip to the Polynesian Winery and explore wine cellars and taste Rangiroa Wine. View the marine life or descend underwater in the natural aquarium or enjoy some guided snorkeling and Ray feeding at Moorea. Take a surfing lesson or engage in a 4×4 safari tour of the Moorea`s volcanic peaks amidst lush hillsides and crystalline waters, the archaeological trail of the Three Pines or the pass of the Three Coconuts located at the edge of a volcano at Moorea`s are most popular hiking getaway.

The ticket to this exotic destination is going to be quite affordable with a price waged war amongst the airlines. The French budget airline FrenchBee has launched a non-stop flight from San Francisco directly to Tahiti and the fare search shows around ticket well under $1,000. Their fairs are even lower in the month of August with Fares dipping further to $750 for a round trip to Tahiti. Another carrier; United Airlines is starting to fly directly from October onwards to this island which means that the prices war is likely to further intensify furthermore.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

This is another exotic destination with toned and tanned sun clad beaches, Victorian houses, neighboring hillside attracts a young and vibrant crowd of international travelers and surfers. It has good choices of dining, drinking and shopping with alive and kicking nigh life.

This Nicaraguan beach getaway is very affordable as well. Nicaragua is just a 3-hour flight from Atlanta and to top it all it has a very favorable exchange rate of $1 USD to C$32.38 NIO.

And with flights less than $500 round-trip this summer which also happens to be the perfect time to visit makes this trip is a steal deal. You can fly from cities like Atlanta, D.C., LA, Miami, NYC and even under $250 from Fort Lauderdale.

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