America’s Perfect Places to Get Chicken and Waffles

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Nothing bounces off sweet waffles as spicy chicken. Myriad variety of both these dishes exist, which makes it difficult for people to choose as to which one they are in the mood for. Moreover, the abundance of variety is what makes it difficult in gaining perfection in the culinary art of making chicken and waffles.

Here we have a list of the best places around the world where you will be able to savour these exotic dishes.

Glady’s Knight Chicken and Waffles (Atlanta)

Specialising in southern cuisines, Glady’s has been acclaimed for serving all time perfect chicken and waffles. Not only this, they have a variety of desserts that will go well with both chicken and waffles. Spicy food is their speciality and this is why you must try the mouthwatering shrimp. Jerk Chicken Egg rolls filled with vegetables is a big hit.

Husk (Charleston, South Carolina and NashVille, Tennessee)

Definitely try their bar. I mean it. They have amazing food over there and the ambience is quite good as well. Sipping down whatsoever might be your poison while devouring the tasty fried chicken would help you in achieving nirvana. They have some awesome cheeseburger as well. Do get some beverage to wash it down with!

Kuzzo’s (Detroit, Michigan)

Vampires, get out your spoons and knifes, cuz in this neighbourhood you can easily get some waffles drenched in blood.

Just Kidding!

They are only simple red waffles. Sorry vampires, no waffles for you!

The food is prepared from organic material. Even the added colors are produced with authentic organic ingredients. The design of the hotel is awe inspiring and provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying some good old chicken and waffles.

Sweet Chick (Brooklyn, New York)

Not to be confused with some clubs where you could find Sweet Chicks.)

Situated in one of the most accessible locations, Sweet Chick makes its dishes to sheer perfection. Along with chicken and waffles, your children might enjoy Mac and Cheese with some coke. Carolina BBQ with pickles are kind of their speciality. This is also the goto place for gourmands to enjoy seafood like catfish.

Tupelo (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Southern food and pies of Tupelo have helped them is winning several awards as well as loyal customers. Along with great food, they also have a good presence on social media. Their web site always features a tweet that tells about the recent happening at the restaurant. The influence of old traditional dishes can indeed be seen on their cuisines. Do order some of their tantalising cocktails like MIMOSA orange or Devil in Disguise.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles (Los Angeles, California)

The city of angels does offer some great options for waffle enthusiasts. Order some belgian style waffles cooked with belgian buttermilk and chicken fried to perfection. They palate the dish to perfection with ice-cream on top of waffles and a little bit of maple syrup in glass.

Make sure to visit these hotels to get some classic chicken and waffles. If these places are too expensive for you then i would recommend that you try making some chicken and waffles at your home. It is super easy and will also allow you to expand your horizons a bit; unless of course you are a cook.)

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