America’s Coolest Small Town – Grand Marais Be Cool!

July 25, 2016 Nency Willims 1Comment

Tired of the hum-drum, mundane and hassle filled urban life? Want a change? Well we recommend taking a vacation to Grand Marais. Grand Marais, a small town located in Minnesota that you might remember as the home town of Marshall from ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The town nests between the Sawtooth Mountains and Lake Superior.

Accommodation: ‘Mangy Moose Hotel’ is just the perfect place for you to put up at. The motel is clean and pleasant and the staff is pleasant and helpful. They offer many customizable and premium plans. Would you like to put up at some place with a great view? Well, ‘Best Western Plus superior inn and suite’ provides you with a superb view of the sensational Lake Superior. ‘Secluded Cabin on Trout stream with grand Piano’ lies within the confines of the forest offering you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the bliss and freedom provided by Mother Nature.

FOOD: ‘World’s Perfect Donuts’ does live up to its name by providing you with sweet and crispy donuts smeared with chocolate. They offer a variety of fresh donuts but if you do decide to visit, then visit early in the day as they close as soon as they are out of donuts. ‘Harbor House Grille’, the duke of seafood restaurants with a lakeside view provides for the perfect spot for an exotic and romantic dinner. The extra ordinary and succulent seafood combined with the perfect wine will leave you craving for more. If you visit then do try their tantalizing bison burger with cheese or duck bacon. They also offer a variety of mouth watering salads.

Main attractions: ‘Judge C.R. Magney State Park’ with the majestic ‘Devil’s Kettle Waterfall’ is the perfect destination for recreational activities like camping, hiking and taking a selfie. The park gives you a breathtaking view after you climb a breathtaking amount of 175 stairs. ‘Grand Portage State Forest’, located in Cook County, features the highest Waterfall in the whole state. Lake Superior with its tranquil waters is the perfect spot for canoeing. The lake is native to a variety of flora and fauna and features archaic rocks. It is also the largest fresh water lake and holds 10℅ of earth’s fresh water.

Culture: do you love art? Then why not visit the famed Betsey Bowen Studio and Siverstone Gallery both of which have an amazing story behind their inception. The two exhibit a wide range of paintings and crafts. Are you a history enthusiast? Then visit the Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Centre.

 Just like Marshall, the people of Minnesota are well known for their placid and helpful nature and hospitality. Minnesota hardly ever witnesses any cataclysm making it one of the safest and perfect places for you and your family to visit. After your visit you will hail Grand Marais as the coolest small town in America.

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