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America’s Favorite Airlines – Passengers Ratings 2018

July 6, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

According to a market survey taken by America’s top research company Forrester that work with business leaders to develop growth oriented strategies came out with 2018 Customer Experience ratings for the airline industry. Jetblue held the top of the rung position 2nd year in the row. For hideout airlines Spirit, it wasn’t for laughs as it stood last in the survey.

The survey took into account the views of 110,000 customers in the US. Forrester’s ranking was based on customer service of 11 domestic airline covering criteria like Effectiveness, Ease, Emotion, Retention, Enrichment, Advocacy and how likely were they to fly again with the airline they vouch for.

Here are the airlines that really took off and managed to secure the first 5 spots according to the Business Insider.

  • Jetblue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Allegiant Airlines

Surprising to know that Allegiant Airlines was able to make it to the top 5 spot and took the maximum jump rising to the 5th spot from the 9th. Another assent was to the credit of Alaska Airline that went from the 5th to the 3rd spot.

6 Airlines namely Alaska, Allegiant, Delta, and Frontier all saw an increase in their customer service ranking. The only 2 airlines that experienced a decline were the Hawaiian and the Air Canada.

Southwest Airline did not change position and was static at its original place at number 2.

American Airline took to number 8 and United went from the 10th to number 9.

Another interesting outcome of the survey was that out of 16 industries, airline landed in the “poor” category showing only a little change since last year beating only 3 service providers namely the Federal Government, TV service providers and Internet service provider. This clearly proves the point that the airline industry wasn’t certainly the beloved one in 16 industry segments.

However, it is unwise to amplify incidents of a few dozen customers to gauge its service to millions of customers that fly year round.

This precisely why The Points Guy undertook the 2nd annual study of the largest airlines in the US. Factors included Airfares ( as pricing is a primary factor), Convenience that includes criteria like route network, On-time

Performance, Cabin Comfort to extras like the Frequent Flyer programs, Lounge Facilities, Lost Baggage Headaches, Customer Service. Out of a total of 10 criteria, the survey covered each aspect comprehensively that is significant to rate these airlines.

The overall result shows Alaska airline on top followed by Southwest airline which was the only airline to score a 10 when it comes to baggage handling and change fee.

Here’s the overall ranking

  • Alaska
  • Southwest
  • Delta
  • United
  • Frontier
  • American Airlines
  • Spirit
  • jetBlue
  • Hawaiian

The survey shows that some airline glided past while others are still stuck on the runway. But that’s not the complete story.

The US airline industry has seen some real intense competition over the last decade and the competition is still persistent in the low-cost carrier segment. As a result, small details is what makes a big difference when it comes to rating the America’s most favorite airline.

Even few minor changes in one or two criteria can impact the ratings considerably and can make or mar the game. For example, the way SouthWest Airline stood out in terms of baggage handling and change fee. Onetime performance and reduction in the number of lost baggage can ripple out a sizable impact in performance.

The lesson for the airlines toward the bottom of our study is that everything’s not lost. They can take some cues from this survey and by making small adjustments they can definitely better the performance next year

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