Best Airlines for Business Class Travel
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Best Airlines for Business Class Travel

September 6, 2016 Nency Willims 1Comment

Airlines industry is marked with a huge amount of competition between major players who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction in order to augment their business. There are private as well as state owned airlines.

Airlines offer economy class, business class and first class tickets. The first class tickets are dwindling into the shadows of business class tickets. This is mainly due to the fact that there is not much difference in the amenities provided in Business Class and First Class. There is not much that airlines can do in order to differentiate between the two. For this reason, airlines and many other have shifted solely to providing Business class and first class air tickets.

Business Class offers great amount of comfort and leisure. The tantalizing food you get is prepared by some of the perfect chefs. The food and wine are complimentary with the air ticket. You get a huge amount of personal space and a seat with in-seat charger and USB-port. Some airlines provide beds as well. Attendants who are well versed in the art of hospitality will take care of all your needs. You will get more baggage allowance than you can avail. The perks of business class travel are huge and so we have compared the business class of top airlines from which you can easily select form.

Singapore Airlines

Catering perfect to the needs of any gourmand, Singapore airlines enables you to order your meal through book the cook 24 hours before your flight. You can select from a wide variety of exotic dishes from around the world. If you don’t have a wine selection then let the flight attendants surprise you with the perfect one.

You get a bed which can be used for a quick nap. An 18-inch HD screen offers you with a colossal collection of movies TV show, music and games. The seats are some of the most spacious provided by any airline in the whole industry. There is no need to select between window or the aisle. All the seats are arranged in a manner to give access to the aisle. A huge amount of baggage allowance of up to 30 kg is provided.

Buying a business class ticket of Singapore airline enables you to attend any of their classic lounges with an all you can eat buffet.

Qatar Airways

Based out of Qatar in United Arab Emirates, Qatar airways is one of the most celebrated airlines till date. Qatar has always believed in the principle of customer satisfaction and this is why they have been names the best business class in 2016 by SkytraxWorld Airlines Award. The cabins are spacious and you get reclining seats with built in USB and power ports. The great amount of comfort offered during the whole flight will help you soak in the leisure in the ambiance.

Qatar Airways in league with Oryx Entertainment provides with some of the perfect entertainment options. You get an internet access with which you can stay updated on what’s happening down on the ground. There is an on demand food menu filled with some of the perfect culinary dishes as well. Qatar Airways has designed the whole experience in a way that will make you fall in love with them.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is one of the perfect at providing services. They house some of the perfect attendants who can bring down the house with their skills. These clairvoyant attendees will know and take care of all your needs without you having to inform them. The level of personal attention given to each passenger is unprecedented.

The amenities provided to you are good as well. You can even get a bed in some of the flights of Cathay Airways. They have a variety of food ranging from the most delicious to most healthy. StudioCX provides all the entertainment sources you can think of. You get a touch screen TV on which you can watch the latest movies. You also get a huge amount of uncluttered space to work in. They also provide lounges and other premium services which you may avail by travelling with them.

Etihad Airways

Etihad employs state of the art facilities in its airbuses. The truly modern and majestic flights will blow your mind away. Like Singapore airlines, the seats are aligned in a manner that you will always face the aisle. A screen is provided in front of the seat on which you can enjoy from a multitude of media.

Etihad tailors the whole experience for a business person as suggested through the name of the class. The Etihad business class has a huge amount of space and all the basic amenities that you would require to do a normal day’s work. Taking a nap on the bed before reaching your destination will help you get refreshed for business.

The design of the interiors is exotic and alluring and will please your eyes. The reclinable seats can be turned into a bed. You can ask for a pillow and blanket if you feel like sleeping. You can even go into the lobby to enjoy the company of other passengers from first class or business class.

Emirates Airlines

The airline you remember from the jersey of Arsenal provides one of the perfect business class experience. Emirates provides the royal and exotic experience your doorsteps. You will be picked up by a chauffeur and will be passed through a priority check-in. This will ensure that you won’t have to wait for a long time standing in a line starting at your watch.

You can access lounge and accost new people to take the boredom out of travel. Many flights have comfy flatbeds as well. The luxury reclinable seats will leave anyone appalled. Make yourself a drink from your own mini bar or have an attendant do it for you. Getting inebriated in a comfy seat which can turn into a bed will surely be something to brag about with friends and family.

United Airlines

Famously known as just United, provides a premium experience with a business class booking. The whole commute is made smooth through priority check-ins and checkouts. The whole airplane is designed to offer passengers a maximum amount of comfort. You will be provided with space to store personal items. It will definitely be a good spot for hiding your passport and protecting yourself from identity theft.

In seat USB port and charger will be provided to help you work on the go. Being productive has never been easier. Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie while commuting. Enjoy free WiFi and tweet about the recent events. You can even read Rhapsody magazine and soak in the fun and knowledge at the same time. The food and drink is also out of this world. Not only spirit and alcohol but also a wide range of other drinks such as coffee and tea are offered. It’s never too late to start drinking healthy.

Just like the star, the Polaris is at the paramount of Business class tickets. It is a new service started by United Airlines and they mean business when they talk business. They offer some of the top notch facilities in Polaris. From lounge to exotic dinner to comfort, Polaris is a conglomeration of all.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is based in New Zealand. While representing its country it does a good job of making the whole country proud. Of all the state owned airlines , Air New Zealand provides one of the perfect services in Business Class.

You can wait for the flight at a lounge. The lounge is divided to be used for enjoying solitude as well as a company of others. The cabins are as beautiful and alluring as they get. This is why it has been awarded the title of a perfect business class cabin for three years in a row. The beds dressed with exotic sheets that offer great comfort for a good sleep.

The food will leave your taste buds tantalized. You can choose from succulent beef to a totally vegetarian dish. These culinary cuisines are prepared by experienced chefs. Air New Zealand also provided you with an opportunity to taste authentic ethnic New Zealand dishes and cuisines. You can also choose from a variety of wines to sip down on during the flight.

American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the best airlines for a long haul travel. Premium cabins, in seat USB ports and power ports,  and comfortable seats make for a grand travel experience that would be perfect to share with friends and family. There are unique privacy features such as one in which you can move the seat forward. There is plenty of legroom to avoid congestion.

A huge amount of entertainment options are offered through the screen in front of our seat. The in flight dining is an amalgamation of exotic food and delicious snacks and grand wines. You will also receive an Amenity Kit. You can even ask for a Pajama to feel more comfortable while traveling. The airline is augmenting with the passing time by infusing more aircraft into its operations. This will surely abate the delay of aircraft by some time.

British Airways

British Airways is by far one of the most dedicated Airlines. They are dedicated towards their customers and their work of providing the perfect experience ever. Despite flight variations, you will be able to enjoy the same standard of premium service anywhere in the world.

You get a chance to become one with the placid ambiance inside the cabin. They offer a feast that even Zeus will enjoy. The mouth watering dishes are prepared from the most authentic and fresh ingredients. Documentaries, movies, TV shows and music, you can enjoy them all from your seat. On demand movies are available as well.  You can even take enjoy a good sleep during the flight.

You get all the privacy you need and more baggage allowance than you can avail. Flight attendants will take care of all your needs and requirements. A headset will be provided in case you want to be lost in tranquility or even in music. A fast track program for getting you through security enables you to save a lot of time and effort.

Australian Airlines

“Experience the spectacular world of my Australian Business Class.”  This is the tagline of the Business Class segment of Australian Airlines and they do live upto this. A bed with two meters of length and message function inbuilt in it will give you an out of body experience. The design is aesthetic and will please the eyes of viewers.

You can also watch 500 hours of audio and video on a 15 inch screen in front of your seat. The whole business class was revamped recently to give it a far better look and functionality. This shows that Australian Airlines cares enough about the kind of service they provide their customers with.

The cuisines and dishes are designed by DO&CO, one of the perfect caterers in the whole world. You can choose from a wide range of appetizers, snacks, cuisines, dessert, and alcohol. You can even order authentic Australian food and taste the Australian culture through it.

Turkish Airlines

You can almost smell the olive oil from the authentic dishes of turkey. The huge variety of classic dishes provided during the flights in Turkish Airlines has to lead to making it the perfect business class lounge dining. This is a title that it has received from the airline industry. For any gourmand, Turkish airline is a surreal reality which they would never want to do away with.

The speed of wifi has been reported to be slow sometimes. Other times it works like a charm.  You receive an amenity kit that subsumes nourishing cream, toothpaste, and other essential material. On demand, videos are a great addition to the overall culinary experience. The arrival lounges are beautiful as they get. The only problem you will have with them is that you cannot put up in them.

The above list comprehensively analyses the pros and cons of major airlines providing business class tickets. Feel free to weigh the benefits of different airlines and choose the one that caters to your needs the best.

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