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Top 5 Perfect Budget Airline in United States

July 18, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Air travel is no longer synonymous with luxury because in the present days of cheap, low cost, affordable flight tickets and a foray of budget airlines taking on the scene of economical and affordable air travel with their signature no-frills bare bone tickets, air travel has become affordable to nearly everyone.

Companies are striving hard to take away the major chunk of the pie by laying their hands on maximum profitable routes and increasing their presence in the sky.  

The list below is most helpful in identifying the perfect of the budget airlines that operate from the US. So the next time you need a economical air ticket you can consider these budget airlines and fly with confidence and a more informed choice.  

Here’s a sneak peek into the 2 most popular and important surveys in America that rate the top performing budget airlines in the US.

The surveys are held by The Points Guy and another one by the College of Aviation’s annual Airline Quality Rating (AQR) that features some of the perfect budget airlines in the US.

The first report takes into account 10 parameters including Price, Convenience like Cabin Comfort, Headaches that include Customer Satisfaction and Lost Baggage, Extras that include Frequent Flyer Program and Lounges.

Alaska Airlines takes the crown hands down, the second year in the row as the perfect budget airline of the year 2018 in both the survey. Both of the most popular surveys that rate top budget airlines have slightly different placing of the rest of the airline but there is no major upheaval in each list.

Alaska Airline tops the chart in another survey released by J D Power in its annual North America Airline Satisfaction Study consistently for the 11th year in a row, scoring 775 out of 1,000 points that grilled 10,000 travelers who flew on a major North American airline in the last 12 months. It also covered 7 similar key areas, including Cost and Fees, In-Flight Services, Aircraft Used by the airline, the whole Check-In, Boarding/De-Boarding/Baggage folderol, Flight Crew, and the entire Reservation Process.

Besides The Points Guy, the Wichita State University research, and JD Powers Airline Satisfaction study, Alaska Airlines also topped the rankings in FlyerTalk, and U.S. News & World Report as the perfect airline in the U.S followed closely by Delta Airlines. Virgin and American Airlines sank to no. 3 in this year’s rankings.

Overall Rankings according to The Airline Quality Rating report

  1.    Alaska
  2.    Delta
  3.    Virgin America
  4.    JetBlue
  5.    Hawaiian

South West Airline features on no. 6 and Spirit and Frontier airline feature 11th and 12th in the ranking.

The Points Guy survey ranking

  1.    Alaska Airlines
  2.    Delta Airlines
  3.    Frontier Airlines
  4.    United Airlines
  5. Virgin America

Jet Blue and Hawaiian stand last at no 8th and no. 9. From price point and perfect fare Spirit stands as the perfect and Alaska takes the top spot in cabin comfort. In overall customer satisfaction, Southwest Airlines is rated the best.

The key to Alaska’s success is that it just doesn’t excel in one aspect but it does well in a multitude of things all together. It scored top in almost half of the criteria covered by most of these surveys and therefore it is a recurring winner

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