Best of the Perfect Water Slides in the World

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With the onset of summer round the corner and summer break just few weeks away the perfect way to chill and relax is to visit these adventure parks, especially the water ones, perfect excuse to become a kid without getting judged for it. The perfect way to beat the scorching heat is to climb those watersides and zoom your way down to chilled water as you scream out to your heart’s desire. Well while you are thinking of trying the various adventurous swings and water slides, how about we spice up the deal a little by recommending some must try waterslides that are definitely not for faint hearts. The following listed slides are rated not only as the tallest but also the scariest water slides with twists and turns all over the place. So go ahead and decide on which one are you brave enough to try:

Bahamas – Leap of Faith: This is top in the list as it really requires your deep faith in the professionals who designed it and trust that they were in their senses while coming up with this water slide in Bahamas. Situated atop Mayan Temple Pyramid, this slide goes straight down 60 feet and lands the slider in a transparent tunnel with sharks dancing all along.


Brazil – Insano: Perfectly in sync with its name, this water slide can easily get an award for being the most insane and heart-stopping waterslide in the world. Just like the exoticness of Brazil, Insano is completely exotic and currently stands for being the tallest freestanding waterslide boasting of height equivalent of 40 meters and racing up to 105 km/h speed.


Dubai – Master Blaster Water Coaster: Just because you are in a desert country doesn’t mean that you can’t have cool relief from hot weather. Enter this cool funky Palm Resort which is a home to another world famous waterslide called Master Blaster Water Coaster which basically consists of water coasters whose movement is handled by water jets and tricks over eyes pushing you against the force of gravity.


Dubai – Jumeirah Sceirah: Another from the treasure of Dubai, this slide will surely be amongst your top 5 travel memories. It takes about few seconds to complete 360st ride running at the speed of 50 miler / hour. A perfect day for the little adventure child in you.

Dubai – Tantrum Alley: Third time in one list, well rest assured, Dubai should be named as paradise for adventure sports lovers, especially water sports. Tantrum alley starts with a tornado kind of movement which helps to build the momentum of the 4 seater raft that lands into a dip at high speed followed by another tornado and drop down, finally ending with last tornado. Well that is definitely not recommended for everyone.

Oregon – Boeing 747: This is one place where you do not want to judge by its name. Just because you encounter aviation museum as you enter the premises does not mean it’s going to be boring. The management has certainly jazzed up the place by adding thundering rides and swings of water parks along with a water slide coming right out of the tummy of impressive Boeing 747 that has somehow landed up on the roof of the museum.

Spain – King Khajuna: Spanish as known for their exotic sports like Bull Fighting just cannot remain behind when we are talking about some of the perfect thriller slides. Its most famous water slide, called King Khajuna, is located amidst the spectacular locale of PortAventura Aquatic Park which is as tall as 31 meters with a gravity pulling downward slope of 55 degree going at the speed of 6 meters per second.   

The above listed are just seven number, however, there are many more such gravity defying heart pumping slides all over the world which will surely change the fear of anything as soon as you have completed any of these water slides. If your tried and tested water slide is not on the list and you feel that it should be then hit us up in comment section and give us your story of thrilling water slides.

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