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Best Time to Book Flights for Christmas in 2018

August 3, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Many people prefer to stay back home during Christmas while this is when the real deals are on for grabs and it’s time to explore the perfect of fests and enjoy some great shopping, exploring local eateries and evening entertainment at some exotic location abroad. Christmas is the time to go beyond a staycation. There are fabulous Christmas’s bargains thrown open by airlines.

If you are planning to experience an enchanting time with your family and loved one this Christmas and Thanksgiving season, then it’s perfect to consider this guideline here on The Best Time to Book Flights For Christmas in 2018.

The busiest and the least travel days around Christmas and Thanksgiving:

The busiest travel days are just before Christmas around December 22-23 when 56 percent of travelers fly while the least travel day is the Christmas day booked by only 1% of the travelers. As a general guide, if you book flight before the Halloween, prices will be usually cheap.

Similarly, the busiest travel day is before Thanksgiving booked by 33% of travelers and the least busy day is on the Thanksgiving day, booked by only 11%.

Travelers can save up to 27 % on Thanksgiving airfares and nearly 40% if they book by September 25.
Even if you buy tickets by October 30th, you are not late for your Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation as 80% of tickets are booked up till then.

Before analyzing this here are some of the important points to delve upon

  • Understanding the prime booking window and the cheapest time to book
  • What is the airfares trend during the days of sale up until the plane departs
  • Best time also varies greatly according to the market and destination to be visited and personal preference.

So the main question is how to stay on top of the fluctuating prices and get the perfect deal by saving time and putting minimum hard work a great real deal this Christmas and Thanksgiving, 2018.

The Perfect Times to Book Christmas Flights

Taking the early plunge is not advisable (4-6 Months in Advance)

Being an early bird phrase doesn’t fit well in the travel scenario. Booking this early is going to certainly fetch you higher prices. It’s certain that better airfare deals for Christmas will start to pour in when the overall airline industry begins with its sales. The only advantage of flying early is that there are hoards of option which may not be available later.

Prime booking window (3 Weeks to 4 Months in Advance)

It’s not that you will see no fluctuation in airfare at this time, however, this is the period when you can snag in some of the perfect bargains. Prices hover just around 5% of the lowest airfares during this month. This is the season when you are most likely to get the cheapest deals.

The Red Line Window ( 2-3 Weeks)

When you are this close to your travel date, the perfect airfare deals, perfect flight options, and the cheapest airfares have all been exhausted. This is the time to make some adjustments, like choosing the less popular destination or paying for choosing the seat of your preference.

Treading the danger zone (1-2 Weeks)

This is like flying too close to the sun with airfare pricing getting all heated up. This is the prime booking window and it’s almost certain that you will end up paying quite a higher price with a limited option at hand.

The difference between buying during the perfect and worst priced day is around $260.

That’s how much you can save if you plan ahead for considering this guide for the perfect time to book.

How to secure the perfect airfare deal this Christmas in 2018

Follow the above guideline set and in case you are not too keen on checking different sites for a fair comparison then its perfect to set up an alert on Google Flights. It will alert you every time there is a fare drop as per the criteria set.
You can steal a march on those who keep checking prices on consolidators or airline websites by setting up your fare alert. Another way is to subscribe to news alerts for flash sales and deals by airlines to save those big bucks.

Similarly, for the hotel accommodations, there’s no hard and fast rule for securing the perfect deal every time. Many travel agents offer special rates, websites come up with insider deals from time to time. The perfect way out is to book a hotel at the price which you seem to be ok with, provided it doesn’t involve a cancellation fee later. You can check for the price drop later and in case it happens, you can cancel the current booking and redo another one.

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