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Best Time to Buy the Air Tickets

July 27, 2017 Sanjana Yadav 0Comment

What is the perfect time to buy air tickets? It is the first question which arises in our mind when we plan to travel. So, here are few things a person should keep in mind before buying an airplane ticket.

The first thing is what is your destination? Where are you planning to travel? So accordingly, you will look for your tickets. For example: if you are traveling to the US, it is myth or a saying the perfect time to buy tickets if you are planning to travel the US is on Tuesday about 3 pm according to the Eastern Time. The reason being many of the US airlines start their air tickets sales on late Monday or early Tuesday so that you can sit in afternoon and book your tickets from various deals the airlines offer you. Suppose, you are traveling to Europe so the perfect time to book your tickets you can look for the deals or any offers the airline has to provide you and if you are traveling to India, you can buy tickets on Wednesday. You can see a sale going on.

Another option is that you can buy the air tickets as soon as you plan to travel. Sooner the better, as the fares increases day by day. So if ever you plan to travel book your tickets in advance because it will be cheap. Don’t leave it for the last minute as last minute flights are way too costly. You can also find sales during festive seasons. As the festive season rounds up, you can see various sales and offers for the economical air tickets. So this can be a great time to purchase the air ticket for your travel.

Be sure to look for prices, i.e. compare the prices of airlines. Let’s Cheapest Days to Flysay you may find a good deal if you look for booking your tickets. But, you should wait and look for other airlines as well so that you can compare their prices and book the ticket which is perfect for you as no airline always has the perfect deal; not on every route, not every single day. If you don’t compare, you might pay too much or even way too much.

You can always set for airfare alerts. This way you can always be aware of the air fares. For example: if you are traveling international, flying on weekdays are cheaper as compared to weekends. Always compare multiple airlines to be sure. You can also use Gateway maps. You can look for connecting flights as well as nonstop flights and compare their fares. Adding a stop to a long route flight, sometimes save up to 50% of your fare.

One should avoid peak season travel as you can find better deals. You can also look to travel from a bigger airport because it is said big hub-type airports can be cheapest of all.

Last but not the least; you are planning a family trip buy one ticket at a time as it will be cheap. When booking travel for two or more people, a book just one ticket to start. A quirk in airline reservation systems means that multiple tickets are sold in a single transaction which means all the tickets must all be the same price. Example: An airline has only one ticket for $50 and the rest are $100. If you shop for two, you will pay $200 total, but if you shop one-at-a-time, you will pay $150 total.

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