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Best Time to Buy International Flights Tickets

November 27, 2017 Priyannkaa Dey 0Comment

Holiday season is the perfect time to travel and experience various cultures around the world. Whether it is a solo-trip or a trip with family, grabbing a flight ticket at the right price is never easy for anyone, especially during the peak vacation season when demand is high. For international destinations, it is tougher to acquire air tickets with affordable fares. Many of us often think that what is the perfect time to buy an international flight ticket. Let’s explore more about it.

Buying International Flight Tickets at the Right time

Several online travel agencies or fare aggregators have done research on the perfect time to buy international air tickets. The studies have given varied but interesting results. However, the studies also point out that the appropriate time to book international air flights changes according to your requirements. There is no as such ‘best time for everyone’. Main reason for that is few vacation places require planning and booking much before traveling time due to more tourist inflow and for others you can get tickets at the last minute too.

For traveling to US, it is perfect to make bookings at least 2 months before so that you can be relaxed about following all the norms and paperwork thoroughly. For places like Canada too, 2 months or more prior booking is quite feasible and will make it smoother for you.

For European and Asian locations, minimum 3 to 4 months prior booking is advisable because these destinations have a huge demand. Asian destinations have a large population so demand is high practically whole year. Europe has few of the perfect holiday spots in the whole world, so imagine the rush during the holiday season!

Also, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many travelers prefer to book tickets even 9 to 10 months prior to traveling if they are going to Middle-East or Africa or Australia. It is not that a person will not get a ticket 1-2 months before, but most people prefer booking earlier to be on the safer side.

Moreover, travelers need to keep one thing in mind that peak holiday season and non-peak season make a huge difference to airfares, especially if you are traveling to an international destination. In fact, peak tourist season can even lead to double the price for any air ticket. Also, searching for perfect flight deals and packages according to your needs can be tedious if you start doing it when everyone else is also doing the same thing. Planning properly is a very essential pre-requisite for all your travel plans.

Besides, off-season is a great time to travel when airfares are quite low and you can grab the perfect packages. In such cases, even last minute bookings can get you a good deal like Europe in winters or New York. Furthermore, some cities host famous festivals or events. During that time, a traveler will feel airfares are higher. In this case, it is perfect to book much before traveling dates and keep checking frequently to get the cheapest airfares.

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