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British Airways Planning to Add Flights to Oakland March 2017

November 18, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

British Airways is planning to add new routes to Oakland. Despite announcing the downhill flow of revenues due to Brexit, the English Flagship carrier has announced about launching this route. It will definitely take some time to get all the preparations to launch this new route.

The two new routes that were announced are as follows:

  • London Heathrow – New Orleans: to be launched in March 2017
  • London Gatwick – Fort Lauderdale: To be launched in July 2017

4  weekly flights will operate on the route from London to Oakland. Boeing 777-200ER will be used that offers premium services and is one of the perfect aircrafts around. It has approximately 550 seats in total. This makes it easier to find Y-up or Q-up fares for this aircraft. There is a lot of space inside the aircraft. This space will definitely come in handy to provide more space and privacy for business class and economy class passengers.

A flight to Oakland may result in reduced price for trips to other places like Los Angeles. Flights to these places often end up making people pay through their nose. By travelling to Oakland and from there to other nearby towns and states, passengers will be able to reduce the overall cost of commuting.

Oakland has a great weather and and offers some great travel opportunities. A port city in San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland sure is one of the most expensive places to travel or live in. Still, it is possible for you to reduce the overall cost of your travel by following the tips and tricks given below:

  • Frequent Flyer Miles: Collecting and using miles is the perfect way to reduce travel costs. You can search our website in order to view flights that offer booking through frequent flyer miles.
  • Mile Run: This is the perfect thing you can do in order to gain maximum miles. All you need to do is book the longest route with the cheapest airfare. This way gaining miles will be as easy as pie.
  • Manufactured Spending: Airlines offering credit cards most often also offer frequent flyer miles in addendum to them when you use those cards. Spending money on cash equivalents like e-gift cards can help gain more miles while helping you save money.
  • Arbitrage: A technique in which we use different prices of an asset in order to make profit. This is also applicable on air tickets. All you need to do is a little research and find out the ticket prices of a route from various nearby airports. The ticket prices vary a lot on the basis of location of booking. You can then book from the airport that offers the ticket at least price.

You should also consider booking your tickets at least 3 weeks in advance. If you want to book at the last moment then signing up for offers and last minute deals from airlines and travel websites. Last minute deals offer flight tickets at a significant discount. Availing these would be great but you cannot always rely on them.

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