Cheap Business Class is a Good Alternative to Economy
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Cheap Business Class is a Good Alternative to Economy

April 27, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Checking in 2 hours early and spending the last hour of boarding jostling in the crowd, strolling through overpriced duty-free shops, looking for shoddy gifts or waiting on a hard leather-bound seat yearning for a decent meal or some peace of mind can be pretty uncomfortable for many. Travelling in economy class has its many limitations.
However, if you choose a business class instead, there are all amenities that one may require for a comfortable and a peaceful journey. Comfortable environment in designer suite, wider spaces to relax and unwind, lots of entertainment and recreation options to keep you engaged, computers to use and a personal attendant who does the rounds of the bay area regularly.

Business class might come at a price but if you have traveled in economy class before, then you must have realized how daunting it can be. With business and competition in the airline travel segment getting stiffer and margins being rationalized, business class tickets can now be availed at a much cheaper price with companies throwing last-minute economical deals to lure customers and they certainly offer value for money. Although it comes at a price, the perks of flying business class are many. It may cost a lot more to opt for these services individually in an economy class.
Business class is more than just extra baggage allowance, speedy boarding and better space.
Here are some of the perks of flying business class:

Before flying

Chauffeur service:

Many airline offer chauffeur service to ferry travelers from doorstep right up to the airport terminal.

Priority check-in with A dedicated check-in counter:

Massive check-in lines take 30-45 minutes during a check-in, but this is not when you have opted for a business class. There are dedicated airport entrance and a check-in lobby exclusive for business class and first class travelers
Dedicated check-lines to cut thru a beeline of anxious passengers waiting endlessly in a single queue that may last 30-40 minutes

Additional Baggage Allowance:

Clearly 40 Kgs VS 20 Kgs make a whole lot of difference and that doesn’t end there and also 2 check-in baggage instead of one.
These Baggages gets priority tagged and are the first to reach the conveyor.
Whereas in an economy class, everyone wants to grab the prized overhead space, god forbid if your luggage doesn’t fit the space.

Priority boarding and de-boarding:

Get off and go! Many airports have fast-track immigration counters for business class. Business class travelers even get to enter and exit first on the plain. This means that once the pax disembarks from the plain and reaches the baggage counter, the baggage is already there.

Private Lounge:

There are an array of comforts and practicalities that come with waiting lounge accessible to business class passengers. There is a provision for private sleeping and a relaxation area. Airlines like Virgin Atlantic provide a pool table and Etihad Airways has an option for a hair-cut and shower. A few minutes of Spa and rejuvenating massage, bars with a great selection of alcoholic beverage, all these amenities leave the passengers distressed and all set for a long haul flight. Emirates even allow their passangers to board flight directly from the lounge.

After boarding

Bigger and better seats

Business class has an option of single seats at least 12 inches away with dividers to pull over that offer better privacy and convenience going all the way to a privately arranged extravagant suites that are theme based designer suite intact with a double bed. Enjoy the extra luxury of wide flat 73 inches long Skybed with a unique inbuilt massage feature for extra comfort. These beds go completely flat with bigger better entertainment screens.

Continue Working While You Fly:

With tables that can accommodate both meals, books and laptop on a single board work can be easily mixed with recreation and fine dine.
There is a range of connection options attached to the seat including facilities like Wi-Fi, USB plugin, in-seat power supply so you can watch a movie on your laptop or iPad.

Complimentary Food, Drinks & Entertainment:

Menus designed by celebrity chefs that offer a wide choice of multi-course meals served in designer cutlery. From soups and starters to a wide choice in the main course, variety of cheese to select from and a dessert course is a culinary delight worth spending. A selection of top boutique wine and premium alcoholic beverage is topped by dedicated F&B staff and manager trained in the world’s top hotels are present onboard.

With a plethora of amenities and facilities exclusively meant for business class, it is worth the extra amount spent. For those who are still in a fix of whether to go with the business class or fly the old way in an economy, it’s not a bad idea to consider some of the cheapest travel suppliers that are offering tickets at unbelievable discounts and throw attractive deals regularly.

Using your miles to upgrade to business class is another smart way to make good savings. Although it may sound extravagant hankering for such a product really derives the benefit. So next time you are all set for a domestic or a long distance flight try considering business class and look for a value deal with a competitive travel supplier.

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