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Cheapest Days to Fly – Asia

July 31, 2017 Abhishek Mittal 1Comment

Travelling to different corners around the world today is an obligation. Whether you are travelling for business purpose or for a vacation you tend to seek out the perfect and the cheapest means of travel. Cheap flight tickets are available if you book them in advance or you have an offer of some kind because maybe you travel too much or because you company is spending on you; but not always, your vacations become way too expensive because of the heavy travel cost which is levied on your travel itinerary. Hence, you’ll have to compensate that charge on your vacation. May be a day is subtracted or the hotel you wanted to stay in just went out of your budget.

Travelling in Asia is also very similar. Some of the major business hubs and travel destinations fall in the largest continent. Everyday hundred thousands of people fly to Asia but not all of them fly cheap. Most of them would have to give up something or the other on their vacation. Let us find out some insights and key days to fly cheaply in Asia:

Avoid Travelling on Weekends

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly in Asia. People from around the world find out weekends for a vacation and hence it would cost them even higher to travel on weekends. Starting mid week would defiantly save you paper which you can use for your leisure and who does not like saving money. Why pay more when you can get it for cheap. Apparently travelling on Saturday and Sunday is considered to be the most expensive days to travel. Try and avoid these days.

Break your Flights

For instance you are travelling from USA to India. Instead of flying directly you can play smart. Book your flight into two parts. Let say one from USA to Germany and then board a flight to India in a couple of hours. This would kill some time but anyway you would have to take a stoppage even if the flight was a direct one. What happens here is, flying from one country to another may be expensive but you could get a fairly economical flight if you try a different destination to reach your final destination.

Travel in the Fall

Seasons and months would also make fluctuations in the travelling expense. If you would go out on a vacation in the core season, cost would rise up to nearly 50$ per ticket than in the fall season. Fall season in Asia is between February to April and September to November. Try and plan a trip in these months and you again save some of your hard earned money. If you feel that there would be certain activities which you would miss, you are wrong. All the activities are carried throughout the year.

Fly in Asian Flights

Try and find a ticket in an Asian Airline. They are comparatively much cheaper than the Airlines which are based out of Asia. Do not vacillate while you’re doing so. The flights are equally well organized and neat. Further to this, you can easily find out some discounts and offers which prevail on these flights throughout the year. Some of the perfect Asian Airlines to travel are Air Asia, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Japan Airlines and many more.

You can always travel economical to Asia if you try out these travel tips.

Business Hubs in Asia

Asia is a rich business country. Three of the world’s most important business countries are in Asia i.e. China, India and Japan. Let us seek some of the most important business hubs in Asia:

  • Dubai – 56 % companies present

Airport – Dubai International Airport

  • Beijing – 60% companies present

Airport – Beijing Capital International Airport

  • Shanghai – 62% companies present

Airport – Shanghai Pudong International Airport

  • Tokyo – 64% companies present

Airport – Haneda Airport

  • Hong Kong – 69% companies present

Airport – Hong Kong International Airport

Vacation Hubs in Asia

Apart from being a dense business hub Asia also caters some of the most visited tourist destinations. Some of the most visited tourist spots in Asia are:

  • Bangkok – Thailand

Travelers – 21.47 million

  • Goa – India

Travelers – 6.23 million

  • Kuala Lampur – Malasiya

Travelers – 12.02 million

  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Travelers – 15.27 million

  • Singapore

Travelers – 12.11 million

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