Cheapest Flight Booking Made Easy
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Cheapest Flight Booking Made Easy

July 20, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Imagine the kind of time one has to put in finding the perfect deal possible on a flight ticket. There is too much of head banging on countless search engines, getting inundated with bountiful data and then not knowing what to make of it when it’s bound to change every few minutes.

Here are some of the perfect tips on how to fly economical and get the perfect deal on your next flight ticket.

Contact travel consolidators for unpublished discounts

Get quotations from consolidators also known as “Ethnic” travel agents who specialize in booking tickets to specific destinations. They deal in bulk tickets and pass on the price benefit to the customer. As a matter of caution, only those ones should be used who have a good standing in the market and are registered with industry trade bodies like IATA, ABTA or ASTA. There are many such travel consolidators who are registered with which is a huge repository of business entities. Using such consolidators is perfect between 1-2 months.

Utilize Geo-Arbitrage to book economical from home-based airlines

Keep an eye on special offers available with local airlines on their home based sites. There are many airlines in Europe like Air France, KLM, Iberia, Lufthansa and even British Airways that offer cheaper tickets with fares dropping to as much as 50%. For this, you can fly from any European city like Stockholm, Milan, Amsterdam, and Istanbul.

Even if you take a connecting flight to Milan from London and then fly to Tokyo which is your ultimate destination, It will be cheaper than flying directly from London to Tokyo despite the extra cost of taking a connecting flight from London to Milan to start the journey. Many European airlines offer cheaper tickets from their home-based cities plus you save on UK Air Passenger Duty and earn extra flying miles.

Gulf carriers like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and Turkish airline offer excellent deals on Business Class at times. The crux is to search with multiple departure points and add “Nearby Airports” option in Advanced Search to add more airports in your searches to getter better pricing.

Make a Split booking or Multi-city bookings

When you split your journey and fly through a cheaper split point like flying from Australia to Europe, it’s better to purchase a cheaper business class ticket from a point in Asia (Singapore, Manila or Denpasar) to London and cover the journey from Australia to Asia separately.

You can even take advantage of a free stopover as well and spend a few days where you break your journey if you wish so.

Consider economical all business class airlines

There are many airlines that offer a economical business class at almost 1/3rd rates like L’Avion which covers the Paris to New York route and their tickets are priced competitively from €750 return ex-Paris or $1,250 return ex-New York.

French Airline offers an all business class covering the CDC Paris to New York and their return fare is as low as low as €1,400/$1,800.

Use budget airlines for economical airfares

Budget airline tickets are significantly less than their full-service counterpart. Although there can be compromises involved like lesser legroom space, no free food or drinks, baggage restrictions etc.

  • Closely read the finer points and check if the airline is flying from afar off airport from the main one
  • Read carefully about the luggage allowance and pre-pay for any extra luggage or stick to their strict baggage specifications
  • Print your own ticket

List of budget airlines in the US

  • Alaska
  • Delta
  • JetBlue
  • Frontier
  • Spirit Airlines
  • WOW Air
  • Hawaiian
  • Icelander
  • Southwest
  • Allegiant Air
  • Porter

Try the lesser-known Airlines

There are many obscure airlines that can offer cheaper business class and upper-class fare; although their services may vary. Often premium routes go packed and the discounts on these routes only feature during low season. There are many lesser-known players who fly on premium routes and their tickets are often far more cheaper.

On an important route like London-New York, there are many such airlines that are obscure but offer perfect prices. Air India (Star Alliance) via Ahmedabad-London-Newark business class comes for just around $1,950 / $2,600 return.

Norwegian operates twice daily from Gatwick to New York offering premium cabin with 46″ legroom and their business class can be had for $1170 /$1,800 return.

There are many such Fifth Freedom routes on which you can find the lowest possible fare to London-New York by flying through the 2nd city which is outside the airlines home country.

A major example is Icelandair fly transatlantic on their Saga Business Class with a stopover in Reykjavik. A return fare for London-New York comes around $1,950 / $2,600 only.

Identify the cheapest days to fly

Best time to make a flight booking depending on the season:

  • Winters: 62 days in advance
  • Spring: 90 days in advance
  • Summers: 47 days in advance


Search for airline error and fare sales

There are many such serious airfare mistakes that present some serious opportunity to make huge savings on your air ticket booking and get a economical flight deal.

Airfares which are supposed to be single way are published as return fare, there may be currency conversion glitches, human errors.

There are some great resources that particularly spot mistaken fares, last minute deals and deals from the airport.

Pay in other currency if it’s cheaper

Sometimes it’s cheaper to pay in another currency. Often budget airlines will make you pay in the currency of the country you are departing from but while doing so make sure that you pay through credit card and the card is free from foreign transaction fee.

Cheap Airfare Countries

A country with a significantly lower value local currency can make for a good option to purchase a economical flight ticket. Even local travel agents would be selling these cheaper fares.

Starting in cheaper countries is also a great way to buy a affordable Round the World ticket (RTW)

Use mile points

Getting a few credit cards, especially company credit cards help accumulate lots of valuable points that can be converted to airline mile points. These points can be used particularly for In-Travel as it requires least points and can save some serious bucks.

Hide your search

Delete cookies or search Incognito and keep your searches a top secret. This is important because every time you revisit a site, you will notice an increase in the price. Soon you’ll get the hold of this trick easily. It’s perfect to delete the cookies and history, therefore.

Try multiple Search Engines

You can take help of fare aggregator sites that crunch results from different travel search engine into one. This way you will get the widest available choice of suppliers and do a fare comparison for economical air ticket booking.

Read also The Ultimate Travel Guide for Flight Booking.

Different Search Engine specializes in different types of search:

  • Sites like Flynous are good at spotting sales and error fares.
  • There are forums like FlyerTalk which are a good source of premium fare deals and there are some great offers in there too.
  • Sites like Google Flights and ITA Matrix create alternative routes with the help of combining different airlines. They are fast and display alternate options.
  • Kayak is perfect for including lower fares.
  • Momondo is perfect for multi-city and mobile interface.

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