Christmas in the United States: Christmas Fact Infographic

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Christmas in the United States is celebrated with vigour and zeal. With the birth of Jesus Christ, 25th December became biggest day of the year where people exchange gifts, decorate the streets and the house and a winter carnival is celebrated in the entire world.

The Season of joy starts in November

The fourth Thursday of November is the Thanksgiving holiday and it all begins from here. The practice for next 40 days until New Year begins with joy and happiness along with several events in the country every day.

Santa Claus

It is mandatory to ask for a Christmas gift from Santa. Over 20,000 Santa Clause are allotted in the United States. With a jolly personality, white beard and dressed in a red outfit, Santa is a treat to be around.

Fact File – The Americans

  1. Every year 92% of the Americans celebrate Christmas out of which about 52% observe this day as more of a religious holiday while 34% observe it as a cultural holiday. (Diagram)
  2. Out of the non christian lot in the US, 81% of them celebrate Christmas. It includes 73% Hindus, 76% Buddhists and 87% of other religions. (Diagram)
  3. About 42% of US stores greet their customers “Merry Christmas” while 12% prefer “Happy Holidays”. The remaining 46% say ‘it does not matter how you greet your customers’. (Diagram)
  4. There is an assumption of delivering 750 million packages this Christmas by the United States Post Office.
  5. An approximate of 37 million Christmas trees are purchased by the Americans each year. Rest of the population put up a plastic Christmas tree.
  6. Over 3 billion Christmas cards are exchanged in America during this winter break.

History of Christmas in the United States

Alabama was the first US state to recognize Christmas in 1836 and it was called an official holiday in 1870. Oklahoma was the last US state to legalize Christmas holiday in 1907. These trees are being sold in the market from past 170 years being the highest in Seattle which is 221 feet tall.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in the United States

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