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A Complete Guide to Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

June 25, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Next time you fly you are surer how to tackle the agony of getting imprisoned in a metal tube for 24 hours or even more. After all, that makes an entire waking day of your life flying in the air virtually dealing away, doing nothing.

Here are some of the most helpful tips on how to avoid boredom, sleep deprivation, dehydration and at times acute deep-vein thrombosis.

Things to do before the flight:

  • Aisle seats are for those who like to walk freely, those who are interested in nature and clouds and staying aloof prefer a window seat.
  • In case you have longer leg try booking seats with an extra pitch up front.
  • If you tend to get nauseated and sick then choose a seat near the toilet

Make an Upgrade while you can:

Frequent flyer miles are your perfect friends on the planet while flying long haul. Ask your travel agent to enlist those flights on which you can expend your frequent flyer miles as it means more legroom, fully reclining chair to stretch your leg, first-class meals and sipping on a Chateau Latour with a variety of entertainment options.


Adjust your sleep pattern before:

  • A few days of sleep as per your check-in time will do the job
  • Arrive well rested, hydrated and take some supplements 2 weeks prior

Things to do on in-flight:

Hydrate is the buzzword –

Breathing on recycled air is a challenge, makes you wear out fast. Everything drops from mood to energy level with all the biological functions getting hampered. Passengers experience nausea, headaches, dry flaky skin and often get erratic. Skipping on the following things helps –

  • Skip wine and alcohol – instead of helping in sleep, alcohol disrupts sleep or causes a bad sleep
  • Avoid heavy food as digestion just gets impaired at high altitude.
  • Have some spare clothes to change if it is necessary.

Get hold of a Better Seat in-flight

When in the air all seats seem like a fair game and all you need to do it to move up when you see an entire row open. 2 or 3 seats are as good as a first-class seat if you want someone else will.


Try to stay calm

  • Watching a dystopian movie or a program that is bound to make you more erratic is a definite a No no. Download a meditation App  and try it
  • Breathing exercise and some Yoga postures are very helpful to stay relaxed
  • Massage your neck and shoulders to maintain blood flow
  • Get up and stretch regularly every few hours
  • At least stretch your legs every once a while to avoid blood clot

Eye mask and Noise cancellation headphones are a savior

Guffawing co-pax or light from the iPad of a flight mate sitting next to can ruin the chance to slumber and doze off. Darkness is necessary for rest.


Carry useful gears

Pack a U or better still, a J-shaped pillow and a blanket. Also, carry a scarf or a shawl as the in-flight temperature can fall really low.

Deep Vein Thrombosis can be catastrophic

In simple terms means the formation of blood clots in the veins. How to avoid-

  • Moving, stretching, flexing especially the calves area

Wear loose and comfortable clothing

  • Compression stockings – reduces the risk of blood clot and helps avoid the risk of restless leg feeling (doctor recommended)
  • Be careful of sleeping pills like Ambien as it makes you more restless. Alternatives are Melatonin and Chamomile tea that encourages sleep naturally.  

Keep your devices fully charged and bring backup entertainment

Charge your devices like Ipads and your phones, load them with enough contents from Netflix and youtube. It may come handy for killing those middle hours.

Be productive

Long haul flights are a nice way to wrap up on long pending tasks, tallying up important spreadsheets, unsubscribing to emails and newsletters you long wanted to or finish up a novel that has been in the agenda for long, nothing better can help make this unproductive time worthwhile.

Avoid tight clothes

If you want to get down not looking like death warmed up then do the following-

  • Pack some comfy set of clothes to change into
  • Motion sickness relief bands that prevent motion sickness in 30 seconds are available on eBay.
  • Deep sleep with Melatonin – A natural hormone, Melatonin induces natural sleep and pacifies the internal body clock. 100 tablets are available for $100 over the counter.

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