Cyber Monday Flights Deals
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Cyber Monday Flight Deals

August 17, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Cyber Monday is a day to save — certainly for buying gifts, but also to purchase a gift of travel that you would like to surprise your loved ones with or just confer it to your own self. From saving on flights abroad or booking a domestic flight at a discount, Cyber Monday flight deals in 2018 is going to be the perfect day to grab a bargain on tremendously low priced flight ticket.

Cyber Monday comes right after Thanksgiving and immediately follows the Black Friday to fall in a sequence. The day was conceptualized by an online retailer to buy things online instead of customers having to line up at the stores in person during Black Friday and many online retailers jumped on to the trend that culminated into Cyber Monday sale.

Despite its name, the relevance of the actual date is insignificant as many retailers start disbursing their online deals and sales much earlier in the week. Cyber Monday deals are floated across the world and usually, they go on for multiple days.

The shopping world goes gala over Cyber Monday discounts and so does the travel industry. Cyber Monday is now been recognized in the travel trade for being one of the biggest shopping carnivals, and airlines aren’t missing a beat. For the last few years they have also gotten into action to stay ahead in the race of getting their share from the pie by making customers shell out money on some of the perfect and most irresistible Cyber Monday deals. Even if a few of these are just a mere revamp of just the regular deal with some tweaks or adjustment to the price may be even by jacking up the price before the sale; still, there are hoards of impressive bargains to grab on a Cyber Monday airfare sale with incredible deals that make the world within reach of every traveler. If it’s been long since you traveled, then Cyber Monday deals are your perfect chance to grab a economical airfare to that exotic destination you have been waiting to explore.

Many airlines have set their mark with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that are very popular among avid travelers as well as with some of the most impulsive buyers.

There are many famous airlines that launch sales on a Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Famous among them are the prominent national carriers in the US as well as some of the budget airlines that already cut the cost of their tickets by offering a barebone fare.

Here’s a look at some of the perfect deals from last year on a Cyber Monday.


Their special fare offer on Cyber Monday made quite a stir among both the economy class flyers as well as business class. Most famous were the $450 round trip to Athens in an economy class and $3,799 business class ticket to Johannesburg.

Singapore airline

Their tickets booked up to the Cyber Monday on the 27th of the last year, with dates for travel available from January mid to June end this year where deals were priced between $499 to $599 for a round trip to popular sectors between San Francisco and Hong Kong, Huston to Singapore sold like hot cakes.

Cathay Pacific

They were offering 50% off on premium economy and 60% off on business class seats and save an extra $100 on the economy, $200 on premium economy and $500 on business class with the promo code HOLIDAY last year in their Cyber Monday flight deal.

United Airline

Although they did not come up with a straightforward discount last year, instead they offered a 20% off as a Cyber Monday discount on MileagePlus economy award points. Their 45,000 points award saver deal was pegged as low as 36,000 miles.

Cyber Monday flight deals on some of the budget airlines

Alaska Airline

A budget airline like Alaska airline is quite famous for its Cyber Monday sale from west coast short-haul flights that are pitched for a meager $49 to popular destinations like between Vegas and LA, and $54 between Seattle and Sans Francisco or an all time low from Dallas to La Guardia.


They were offering an incredible 40% off last Cyber Monday by using the code WOWCYBERMONDAY  to destinations such as Reykjavik, Boston  Edinburgh


They also offered economical priced tickets to several Canadian cities and from Canada to the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

Spirit Airline

They were offering 90% off on most of the sectors it flyes to, to travel dates between December last year to mid-February, this 2018.

Grab a Cyber Monday deal before its gone, you have time till Monday to lock your deal.

How to find the perfect Cyber Monday deals

Taking advantage of the Cyber Monday deals requires flexibility with regards to the dates of travel and even the preferred locations. Any given time is the right time as far as low price deal is available and the destination seems luring enough for you to consider traveling. If you have found a deal you like it’s probably worth booking it right away as these deals vanish in no time.

In most of the travel and airfare consolidators website, the perfect way to get access to the economical airfares is to leave the location to where you intend to fly as blank or mark it as Everywhere, select cheapest month or whole month depending on what the form can accept and you will be prompted with a list of cheapest destinations to fly.

You can also use your credit card to buy tickets that come economical on a Cyber Monday discount sale, however, to add more benefit to already low prices it’s advisable to use a credit card that gives bonus points on airfare ticket purchase. Just make sure that while buying a ticket in the foreign currency, double check that the card used waives the transaction fee on foreign transactions.

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