Emirates Airline Tops the in Quality Ranking
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Emirates Airline Tops the in Quality Ranking & Recommendation Metrics

September 11, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Emirates Airlines has yet again made it to the top in two surveys conducted by YouGov and TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for Airlines.

The first survey is by YouGov which is a global public opinion company that has data on every brand, politics, current affairs, or the commonly talked about things.

YouGov’s survey

Emirates Airlines emerged on the top of the Quality Perception index as well as scored the highest in Recommendation Matrix amongst American Business Travellers in the YouGov’s survey on consumer’s perception towards the airline sector.

Their Recommendation Scores have touched an all-time high and was closely followed by others such as the Singapore Airlines, Southwest, JetBlue and Virgin America.

This is seen as a significant feat by a UAE carrier has given the fact that an intensive campaign was launched collectively by 3 of the major US airlines- Delta, American, and United lobbying against the UAE based carrier to develop a perception against Emirates Airlines. The campaign reportedly had spent $50 million so far trying to curb the expansion of the Gulf carrier in the US and culminated with an agreement that the UAE carrier will lay a straw on its plans to add a 5th freedom route.

Despite the negative campaigning that went all the way to the White House, the airline’s reputation amongst the US travelers did not seem to dwindle and the airlines have garnished strong support from the US travelers overall.

Achieving the Perfect Quality feat, the airline kept itself ahead in the race followed by British Airways, Delta, American Airlines, and Lufthansa.

There is also a case study taken up by the YouGov which reveals some interesting metrics in favor of Emirates that really helped it take off in recent times.

Emirates scored high among many top US carriers in factors such as the diminishing gap in the Index Score between Emirates, British Airways and Lufthansa bringing the gap closer to 3 points improving the brand’s overall health year on year by year basis.

Emirates is also a trendsetter in the Purchase Consideration which is a good indicator of the sales potential and the overall revenue as a result.

In the 2014 survey, Emirates strongest area was “Reputation and Quality” but it still had some lengths to go in terms of “Satisfaction, Recommendation, Value and Impression” according to YouGov. 4 years later, however, Emirates has taken a lead amongst its competitors in 3 out of 4 areas that it was lacking earlier.

TripAdvisor’s Signature Travelers’ Choice Awards:

The same improvements echoed in the TripAdvisor’s 1st-year survey that had an introduced category for airlines in its Signature Travelers’ Choice Awards. The awards took into account a 12-month period data to highlight the world’s top carriers based on these reviews worldwide.  Emirates also won 4 other awards in the category of World’s Perfect Airlines – Top 10, Perfect Major Airline – Middle East & Africa, Perfect First Class, Perfect Economy Class.

According to Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airlines – The airline is honored to receive the award based on unbiased reviews and feedbacks that speaks volumes about their commitment towards delivering superior travel experience to customers. Tim added that they want to continue investing in products and services across all classes to make Emirates Airlines the first choice amongst travelers.

What Emirates Airline has done differently:

United Arab Emirates-based Emirates (EK) airline is the largest airline in the Middle East. The flagship carrier flies to 155 destinations in 83 countries. It operates the most modern wide-body fleet and is the first and only airline in the world to operate a fleet of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. It operates 33 Lounges for First Class, Business Class, and Skyward Gold members.

It takes a lot to emerge on the top. Recently the airline announced a multi-million dollar cabin interiors upgrade, revamped Onboard Lounge for its flagship A380 Airbus which is about to make its debut in July. Emirates underwent for an overhaul with a host of exclusive products that it introduced in its First and Business Class cabins like world’s first moisturizing loungewear in First Class, luxury blankets, skincare from organic brand  VOYA and a new range of Bulgari amenity kit. Lately, they also had something coming up for the Economy passengers like the new products line for including the world’s first interactive amenity kit and sustainable blankets made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

According to the survey, 48% of Americans said they will book a flight within the next year with Emirates.

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