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Fail Safe Ways to Save Big on Travel in 2017

April 5, 2017 Nency Willims 1Comment

Travel to new exotic places is one sure shot way of lightening up your pockets and bank accounts. Well at least that’s what general concept about travelling is. To put it simply many of us believe that to travel large sum of money needs to be saved which is actually true to some extent. But if you do careful planning you will end up saving a lot. Some tricks and tips are so savvy that they can easily bring the whole cost of the trip down by 40% at least.

With three months into 2017, there are certain changes in the dynamics in the world of travel that can easily affect the total cost of any trip you are planning to take. The year of 2016 has led to Brexit phenomenon which basically entails that Britain has decided to exit the European Union and thus has affected the currency value as opposed with rest of the world. Certain other tricks that can have tremendous impact on your travel budget while booking economical flight tickets to your destination are illustrated below:

  • Club with Holidays: On an average we receive total of 15 to 20 paid leaves. You can double the trip days by clubbing these leaves with festivals and national holidays that will more days for the vacation without eating up on the leaves. Furthermore, festive discounts can really bring the flight and hotel prices down to great extent.
  • Purchasing Options: Try to buy souvenirs and other required items through pre paid cards or through local channels. It is perfect to avoid going for currency exchange shops as they can charge higher amount of interest. It is especially imperative to avoid these exchanges from outlets that are available in the airport. Although they are convenient and can be opted in case of emergency the rates of currency exchange in these shops at airport is skyrocketing.
  • Euro is the Way to Go: With 2016 bringing in Brexit that is the exit of Britain from European Union, the cost of travelling to that favorite destination of London is never going to get any cheaper. It is time to pack your bags and book the flight to United Kingdom as now the prices of travel is going to come tumbling down.
  • Stopover Saves Money: You want to save money then never go for direct flights. Indirect flights landing on destination after coming from 2 – 3 stopovers are always cheaper than the direct flight as they take up much more time.
  • Weekday Flight Tickets: Friday evenings is generally jam packed and tickets out for trips can be quite expensive on this day. Instead why don’t you book for Tuesday or any other weekday apart from Friday and the weekends. They are cheaper and have enough space for last minute flight tickets.
  • 50 is the Magical Number: Well when you book your flight 50 days in advance it does become a magic number as the flight tickets are cheapest at this point. Furthermore, if you try to book for evenings or early mornings you benefit even more.

There is no one way to bring the prices for your vacation down. Combine as many tricks as possible to avoid paying more. You can save up on hotels and get economical flight tickets to places all over the world by using some sense of time, and future planning. If you have any more tricks up your sleeve which has helped to get pretty sweet deals you can share it with us and the world by connecting through comment section below.

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  1. I already was doing many of these things without paying attention. I would add though to always look for fares in “private navigation mode”, so that the cookies don’t make the prices of flights and hotels rise. Anyway, thanks for this great compilation of tips!

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