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Flight Bookings : Get Flight Tickets Deals and Discounts

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The Ultimate Travel Guide for a Flight bookings at the lowest price

Americans travel in record numbers to a variety of places throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.Whether relaxing on a holiday, city break or a short trip for business or pleasure you can book your flight to and from the USA with lots of discounts, offers and year-round flash sales provided you have an eye for detail and skills to unearth the perfect deals that are mostly obscure and hard to find.

Best deals on international destinations are short lived so one needs to be alert in finding an finding the perfect deal during flight booking. Keep a close follow-up on airlines mistake fares, flash deals and last minute offers. You need to be skilled in the right way to book an airfare right.

With our comprehensive guide on how to book your ticket right, we make sure you never go wrong on how to lock the perfect airfare while making a flight booking.

Try multiple Search Engines:

You can take help of fare aggregator sites that crunch results from different travel search engine into one. This way you will get the widest available choice of suppliers and do a fare comparison between them.

Note-Many search engines skip budget airline so it’s always viable not to rely on a single search engine.

Different Search Engine specializes in different types of search:

  • Sites like Flynous are good at spotting sales and error fares.

  • There are forums like FlyerTalk which are a good source of premium fare deals and there are some great offers in there too.

  • Sites like Google Flights and ITA Matrix create alternative routes with the help of combining different airlines. They are fast and display alternate options.

  • Kayak is perfect for including lower fares.

  • Momondo is perfect for multi-city and mobile interface.

Crack a last-minute deal to fly cheap:

last minute deals

Failing to plan ahead for your flight booking can land you into a startling surprise. Besides subscribing to newsletter, tracking favorite airlines on social media, and setting up a fare alert on Google flight, you can take help of several sites that offer the perfect last minute deals, display fare for an entire month,  track and compare last minute airfare deals, set notification for a fair drop, perfect last-minute deals directly from the airport.

Some also offer last minute airfare deals and savings worth up to 60% on your flight booking with a minimum membership fee.  

Additional tips for airfare booking:

  • tips flight booking

    Use your air miles to upgrade

  • Become an elite or frequent flyer member of an airline you prefer most. Airline need revenue from such programs and passengers get the advantage of being on the top of the standby list of these airlines.

  • Loyalty programs, repeated travel with a particular airline pays off in long run. Affinity programs the perfect way to get the cheapest deal. Such pax regularly get rewards, bonus points, and discounts.

  • Airline co-branded credit cards allow you to earn miles used in getting an upgrade to first or business class besides making a economical flight booking.

  • Watch out for Mistaken Fares as these are also rampant; a round trip ticket is sometimes sold on a price of one way.

  • If luxury is not the ultimate goal, do try low-cost carriers that provide cheap first class and business class too.

  • Opt for Non-Refundable Tickets which come at a cheaper price if booked few months in advance

  • Delete cookies or search Incognito and keep your searches a top secret. This is important because every time you revisit a site, you will notice an increase in the price. Soon you’ll get the hold of this trick easily. It’s perfect to delete the cookies and history, therefore.

The right time to book – When to book air tickets in advance?

72% of the travelers do not know what’s the perfect time to make a flight booking. According to one of America’s top booking agencies that analyzed 917 million airfares to arrive at the right time to book a ticket, here’s the gist from the survey.

Best time to make a flight booking depending on the season:

This can range from 3 weeks to 3.5 months in advance.

  • Winters: 62 days in advance
  • Spring: 90 days in advance
  • Summers: 47 days in advance

Best time to make a flight booking an International flight:

  • South America: 110 days in advance
  • Canada: 66 days in advance
  • Caribbean: 207 days in advance
  • Europe: 160 days in advance
  • Africa & Middle East: 200 days in advance
  • Asia: 120 days in advance
  • Australia: 197 days in advance

Cheapest time to make a flight booking on a Business Class:

business class

Last minute sales happen especially during festive seasons when people intend to stay home. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and even New Year are when airlines get tactical on fare discounts. These are the times when business travelers stay home so last minute flight offers to happen majorly in premium class.

National and public holidays are supposed to be when the business people stay home and premium cabins are up for grabs.

Take a connecting flight to fly cheap:

Destinations like Sofia, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bucharest, and Budapest all have been softer markets and off late airlines have been looking at ways to boost sales to these destinations. These destinations can serve as a great launch pad for the perfect European cities as they are relatively close to Europe. Flights within Europe are cheap, and at times, if you fly within the alliances of airlines than these are even free.

Utilize services of travel consolidators:

For economical business class tickets, you can also book with business class specialist consolidator who may have access to exclusive unpublished fares and premium airfares which can undercut the normal market fare by 20% to 50%.

Register for Airline’s Email list:

Get on airline email lists and follow your favorite airlines on social media is another way to make sure you are the first one to know about their flash deals and discounts.

Google Flights is the ultimate tool for beginners:

It’s perfect to start your flight booking by the searching for economical fares on Google flights and combine this search with other top online booking portals. Google flights send timely notifications when there is a drop in the price and follow prices according to parameters set.

Use multiple Search Engines for your flight booking:

Most of the top travel aggregator sites fetch historical data along with future projections. They display direct flights as well as flights with stopovers and layovers and give a neat comparison of how much do you save when you opt for indirect flights.

Best International Airlines offering economical business flight tickets

first class flight

  •  British Airways also holds airfare sales a few times a year on business class better known as The Club World. Their perfect deals come around November for travel during Christmas and New Year.  

  • KLM unleashes some good business class deals to Suriname and the Antilles summer months. Air Berlin has offered economical Business Class deal from Dusseldorf to Curacao at almost 40% less.

  • American Airlines and LAN tie up for some great business class deals occasionally from the US to South America, priced mark around the $1,000.

Best First Class airline experience

US carrier put their perfect product on the busiest and the topmost lucrative routes. These are some of the perfect first class airlines in the US.

  • Jet Blue: They may not offer fancy lounges but their in-flight experience is top rated. They offer “True Suite” experience with no neighbors, complete with a small personal door. Expert curated wine and menu fromNew York restaurant Saxon + Parole.

  • American Airlines Flagship First: They offer fantastic ground experience in their lounges with just 10 lie-flat seats in their First Class cabin.

  • Delta One: Their Boeing 767 wide-body aircraft ensures each passenger gets direct access to the aisle, they provide Delta’s signature Westin Heavenly bedding on a lie flat seat and menu designed by local star chefs.

Budget Airlines dedicated to Flying Business class

  • La Compagnie an all-business class airline which is a new entrant in the market with a fresh concept of all exclusive business class also introduces regular promotional sales where a flight between New York to Paris is put on sale for just $1000.

  •  WOW Air, has a product called WOW Biz which offers economical Business Class tickets with plenty of premium perks like complimentary checked luggage, a free in-flight meal, and priority boarding.

  •  JetBlue’s Mint Class is considered to be one of the most premium offerings in the sky also launches promotions from time to time.

Budget Airlines offering economical Economy flight tickets

If you intend to fly on a shoestring budget then look for cheap budget airlines that offer the a la carte model and bare bone fares that exclude all amenities which otherwise need to be paid for.

  • Alaska Airline: They recently announced their ‘’Saver Fare” deal in April this year. They give you seat assignment as soon as you book and there are no extra charges on carry-on.

  • Allegiant Air: It is an All-Economy a la carte model. You pay for everything from Seat Selection ($80 for extra legroom), Carry-on charge, Changing & Cancellation ($75), Printing a boarding pass at the airport ($5).

  • Delta airline: Their basic economy is also a barebones fare ticket where you can’t pick a seat, change, cancel or upgrade your ticket. Free carry on is allowed but you will get same treatment once on board like free drinks and in-flight entertainment.

  • Frontier Airline: It is another basic economy by default. There are carry-on cost (S30-$60), checked bags (S25-$60), Seat Selection ( $6 start).

  • Spirit Airline: It is another budget airline which offers barebones fare and add-ons carry extra costs. A personal item that can fit under the seat is free, Carry-On ($21-$65), Checked Baggage($30), Seat Assignment($5), Cancellation ($90).

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