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Fly First Class For The Price of Economy Class

July 27, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

There have been game changers all over the world and across the industry. Facebook showed the new way to navigate by fusing personal relationships with digital information, Uber disrupted the taxi travel and Amazon disrupted almost everything else including E-commerce. But the airline industry hadn’t been perturbed so far. However, that is going to change soon with a new service in the sky about to launch shortly that is all set to redefine and change the rules of the game in the aviation industry by a company called Presidential Aviation.

And the name of this Ultra luxe airline is Aura Airlines. Their main aim is to do away with mediocrity and mundane experience of regular flying by giving a premium flying experience unknown to the public so far. The experience of flying on a luxury private airline at ridiculously economical price matching that of an economy class.

The new service is all set to target the niche traveler segment with their premium class due to being launched at the beginning of the year 2019. They plan to roll out a one-way ticket as economical as $280 between Atlanta and Chicago. Most of their tickets will be priced at fraction of cost of what other airline’s first class ticket costs. The luxury of Aura Airline is above par with what any airline is offering so far. Their main aim is to provide a premium first class experience along with affordability and reliability of regular airline, and if the concept picks up; it is bound to take the world of luxury flying by storm.

The airline is advertising its services as “America’s first five-star experience in the air” ready to fill the gap between a private jet experience and commercial airline; a concept never attempted so far.

The interior of the plane feels like a palette of wealth

Guests will experience the perfect of in-flight designs with the use of latest technology, and premium service on a Swiss-designed CJR-700 regional aircrafts. The airline which are refurbished jets will have just 29 seats (less than half of the total capacity seats of the aircraft) in a 1-1 configuration. There are 2 broad classes, the regular First-Class and the ultra-premium Wave Class

Looking at the inside of the cabin is like flying on a spaceship. The interior of Aura Airline is going to give a never before experience with the immersive display that is capable of turning the walls and ceilings into either a starry night or a vibrant sunset to beat time lag and enhance the mood. A color combination of soft greys, cream and champagne are used for soft leather seats and interior finishing to give it an overall unique touch.

A fusion of virtual reality and zero gravity seats for that unworldly experience

The VR headsets capability linked to a 360° camera outside the aircraft will mimic the full HD 3D effect in IMAX digital format screen. It will give an experience of the ultimate 3D view of the outside of the plane as if they were sitting atop the plane.  Bombardier aircraft is said to incorporate many high-tech features, such as augmented reality displays on OLED screens both on side panels as well as the ceiling.

Widest seats with a maximum pitch

Their flat-beds is much to talk about. The Wave class will feature widest 20-inch seats with never before 44-inch legroom with only 8 seats at the back. The seats are “zero gravity” enabled courtesy NASA-inspired technology developed in consultation with sleep psychologists which aims to impart a feeling of weightlessness to passengers.

Umami flavors served on demand

Aura is trying to distinguish itself with its signature in-flight meals. Passengers can have a dig on fresh sushi and fish selection along with its catch location available on the Aura App prior to departure. They can have a choice of grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken or ducks cooked with slow steamed sous-vide technique. Moreover, the airline claims that the food is never frozen and cooked inflight.

The full-fledged bar is lined up with both old and new world wine, top spirits, champagne and beverages.

Straight from the parking lot to plane in 20 minutes

In addition to this Aura will fly out of a private hanger so passengers will have to check in just 20-30 minutes before boarding. The airline is to be using the FBO terminal services in partnership with ZED aerospace which means far less check-in time and virtually no lines as they plan to get the luggage picked from the car’s boot by their staff and up until the safe passage.

The flights, which will be operated domestically, between New York City, LA, Chicago, Miami, Denver, and Atlanta initially. They plan to charter additional flights during special events and Flights to popular ski, holiday, and event destinations will also be available.

Distinct offers for early adopters

Those who join early are required to pay a one-time initiation of $700 fee and a monthly fee of $250. Although, those who signed up already before July 31, 2018, got the “Aura key” for life for as low as $100 monthly and their initiation fee was totally waived off.

Key holders will get the following:

  • Guaranteed lowest fares and save 50% on flights
  • $250 monthly payment begins after your 1st flight
  • Exclusive updates
  • Discounts from Aura’s brand partners, launch evening invitation with the founder
  • Entitled to receive an exclusive AURA Metallic Series Collection
  • These keyholders can enjoy fixed fares on every Aura route with 50% savings
  • Preferred availability & seating, extremely generous cancellation policy
  • For the Key Holders, fares are available as low as $280 one-way for First class and $600 for Wave class and for those who unsubscribe, the prices will be double.

Unbelievably low prices

This, by comparison, JetSmarter which is AURA’s largest competitor has kept its initiation fee at $3,000 and are charging an annual fee of $4,950 for individual memberships.

Passengers will have access to free WiFi that is blazing fast and iPad Pro.

For those who want nothing less than the perfect in the class experience of flying in the air and want to spend their time submerged in the opulence of the luxe class without having to spend a fortune, Aura airline’s first class flying experience is in the offing within a few months.

According to the CEO of Aura, there is no difference in the airline serving today, and that’s what their airline is poised to change from top to the bottom by completely reimagining the airline experience.

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