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Frontier Airline Flights Tickets, Sale and Offer

August 23, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

Frontier airline is America’s ultra low-cost carrier that is positioned at no. 8 amongst the largest commercial airlines in the US and has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Frontier operates flights to over 80 cities in the US, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic and 6 international destinations. They drive on the philosophy of ‘Low Fares Done Right’ as they believe that fares aren’t alone enough and to exceed expectations things should be done right as well.

The airline’s fleet feature only the Economy Class cabin, however, passengers can upgrade to Select Seating located toward the front of the plane, or they can also opt for the Stretch Seating that offers extra legroom.

However there are things that have to be paid in form of the add-on like reservations are to be made through call center which is chargeable at $10, they also charge $99 to change a ticket, and for a name change, they charge $75. Similarly, seat selection and check-in baggage are also chargeable. However traveling with children is made easier by the airline as a stroller, car seat, diaper bag can all be checked for free.

About frontier’s growth

Frontier at present operates a fleet of around 89 planes that incorporates the 737-200, 737-300, A319, A320 and A321 airliners. Frontier is also known to give a fresh look to its fleet from time to time by changing the livery and they can be identified by their occasional tail animals that even feature in the well received TV commercials of Frontier airlines.

Frontier is all set to roost in its domain

Recently the $21 billion deal by Frontier did the rounds quite a bit as they announced their plan to buy 134 new planes including 100 A320neo and 34 A321neo aircraft.

Frontier’s path breaking flash sales

Frontier Airlines is also known for its groundbreaking flash sales. Amongst its most popular recent sales were the ones that comprised of special fares with free checked bags, another one just ended recently which included fare specials complete with free checked-bags. A recent one also made quite a stir and ended recently on 25 May 2018 which was their flash sales having tons of flights priced for as low as $20 or less, however, these were only base fare  and passengers had to pony up extra if they wanted extras like seat reservation, in-flight food, and drinks, baggage charges etc.

There was a long list of $15 flight but most of these went in thin air as soon as they were released.

Also, Frontier airline is quick to match prices when other airlines launch their sales on overlapping routes.

When to fly with Frontier airlines

With most airlines the economical days to fly is midweek, somewhere around Wednesday, however, Tuesday and Saturday are also counted as low key in terms of fare prices. Taking a look at the trend with Frontier airline, it reflects that Wednesdays seem to be more conducive for passengers to book cheaper tickets as maximum seats are vacant then and many Frontier sales are also restricted to these days.

Buy Frontier Tickets Early in the Week

As a generic rule, Tuesday 3 pm Eastern Time is the perfect time to book tickets irrespective of the airline and so is 1 a.m. on Wednesday when the airlines refresh their charts.

Most airlines release their sales deals on Monday and Frontier matches up with its competitors the following day by putting its flash sales up on Tuesday.

But there is another change that has shown up recently which is that Frontier has also been jump-starting to unleash its sales early Monday and starts filing fares late Sunday. However, it is too early to consider it as a precedent.

Get the Perfect Prices with Frontier Every Time You Shop

As a low cost carrier, Frontier releases its airfare in a short span of as little as a week in advance and sometimes this period is further shortened. However, Frontier specifically announces some sales at times that also require a 14-day advance purchase, so again it’s a matter of checking up with the travel aggregator sites as they may have more insider news than what features upfront or the carrier’s website itself.

If there is a flash sale from Frontier airline, don’t delay and go for the purchase instantly as these sales are like a flash in the pan due to the limited amount of seat (nearly 10% of the total airplane’s seat) being put on sales.

You can check in to the perfect deals and discounts, insider deals and more update on flash sales of many airlines on and get the perfect deal with priority after sales assistance.


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