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Get Ready For America like Never Before

July 22, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

The United States of America – is as large as its name!! The USA is probably one of the most talked about country in the world that has garnered this much attention by its deeds- whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter. The point is the country has created certain name and respect for itself that just cannot be taken away from it. But do you know all the facts about the US and its American citizens. There are small nitty- gritty facts that make up a country and some of those are listed below for you:

American Flag – A School Project!!!

The current American Flag having 50 stars was actually discovered as a school project. 17 year old boy designed the current American Flag as a part of his school project and got B- for it.

Don’t you wish now that you had saved all those projects made in school!!

Pizza Lovers – Another Name for Americans I Guess

Pizza Lovers

Americans are, without a doubt, big fans of Pizzas. How you ask? Well according to a survey done, it is said that the USA sell enough Pizzas in a day to cover 100 acres of land.

No wonder Pizza Makers love the USA!!

Why You Don’t Wanna Mess with the USA

US Navy

The USA holds the record of having the largest Air force in the world. And do you know which country holds the honor of 2nd place? Well its USA again – the combination of US Navy and Marine Corps make for 2nd largest Air force in the world.

Well that ain’t fare to other countries!! But then ‘Everything is Fare in Love and War’

Beware!! You are Being Watched


Well, that is true in most Americans case. Every 3rd American has a fingerprint in the database of the FBI along with a file. Maybe you should rethink about that prank; FBI’s Hawkeye could be on you after all.

Lend a Helping Hand

In contrast to notoriety shown in the above fact, it is found in a survey done by the World Giving Index, that Americans are most likely to help a friend or even a stranger. The perfect example is possibly the American Firefighter service in which at least 69% are volunteers.

Walking is the Perfect Exercise

At least that’s what the USA citizens believe and preach. The US State Alaska holds the world record of highest walking commuters who travel to their office by walking towards it.

Continental Crown

Statue of Liberty – One of the crowning jewels of the New York USA and also the must visit on every tourist’s bucket list. But do you know the reason and depiction of the seven sun rays on the crown of this statue? Each of the rays is designed in honor of seven continent of the world and weighs around 150 pounds while being 9 feet in length.

The above listed facts are just the tip of the Iceberg called the United States of America. There is much more than what meets the eye where this superpower country is concerned. You have any fascinating fact in your mind regarding the US do let us know in the comments section.

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