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Global Entry in the US is as useful as the dressing in the recipe. The US customs and Border Protection has come up with a program of Global Entry. By being declared as a member of Global Entry you will no longer have to stand in a nod of over 25 people when you arrive in the United States from outside. Taking part in the Global Entry would only benefit you in case you travel internationally. Once you are at the airport, you’re free from any custom checks, baggage issues and you will be accelerated with everything cleared.

Isn’t it great!

The process of clearing a Global Entry is not that difficult as to what we have in our minds.

How do I get Global Entry?

First of all, you’ll have to be a US citizen or a Dutch, South Korean, German, Peruvian or a Mexican citizen to apply for the global entry. Secondly, there shouldn’t be any criminal back ground, time to remember your sins and how many times you’ve been arrested. Thirdly, it is majorly in the hands of the department whether you qualify you or disqualify you. You should be appealing as a low risk traveler.

Applying for the Global Entry

The task of applying for the entry is relatively easy, but time consuming. There is an online application which has to be filled out and submitted. The Global Entry form asks you for all your personnel details, employment details and other detailed questions. It would take you 40-50 minutes to fill up and compile your application. At the end of the application you’ll have to submit $100 via online mode. This amount is valid for 5 years, i.e. the tenure of you being a GOES member. Once you wind up with your application and submit, the government officials will review your application. This would take some time (not more than a week) and you would be delivered a message into your GOES account.

Interview Process

More than 80% of the work is complete if you’re selected for the interview. It is just mandatory to appear at the interview. The major centers for the interviews are located on some major airports or government towers. It may take up to months for your turn to sit face to face, but there could be some hacks.

  • Try fixing up the interview in an area where the population is less or the area seems to be isolated. There are chances that you might get your turn in just few minutes.
  • Whenever you are traveling from some major airport, spare some time and ask if they could fix your interview. Sometimes you might get lucky.
  • Stop by an office around your place, if it’s your day yon can be pushed into the next slot.

Once you reach the interview room, there would be a few questions about your employment and your family and a few others. It would get you cleared. Submit your finger prints and start using the services of the Global Entry.

Why do you need Global Entry?

  • You’re coming back from an international destination from your business meeting or a family vacation, you would be thwarted to see a long immigration cue, and since you’re tired you would always want to skip those and move forward. This dream is achieved by the Global Entry certificate.
  • The immigration department would check you in and out as per the government rules and regulations. Being certified with GOES would make it easy. You do not have to take off your shoes, belts or wallets. Your leave your flight and just halt for a 2 minute transaction at the kiosk.
  • You come back from your destination and you’re waiting for the doors to open just imagine this: from the seat of the airplane to the backseat of the taxi in 20 minutes.

Do I need to say more!

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