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How to Have a Great Weekend Getaways in Sydney

November 24, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

One of the most celebrated towns in the world, Sydney is a one stop source for entertainment and ever lasting experiences. Here are a few places that you must visit while in Sydney. Completely exploring a town like Sydney within 2 days is simply out of question but still you can visit these famous places in order to get the most out of the journey. Sydney is one of the most popular cities of Australia and as such garners tourists from all over the world. Some of the International and Domestic Sydney flights networking to and from Sydney airport with other countries and cities of Australia

Sydney Harbour

For a breathtaking view, nothing would be better than visiting Sydney Harbour. This is the place to take your selfies at. Just stroll around the place or on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You should also consider accosting a few other tourists. Maybe that aggrandizes your travel experience. The weather adds to the perfection of the place.

Sydney Opera House

Designated a world heritage site by UNESCO, Sydney Opera house is truly one the architectural feats of 20th century. Make sure to watch a show or two; they will definitely worth the spend. Millions of people flock to this structure to soak in the art and aesthetics which has kind of become the ambiance. You can take a cruise around this spectacular structure.

The Rocks

People who would like to soak in the history and culture of Australia should head directly for The Rocks. An urban town, the place is located on the shore of sydney harbour. This is the place to be for enjoying the nightlife in Sydney. Make sure to walk around the town on foot. Sydney observatory is the oldest observatory in Australia. The sceneries of outer space are enjoyed by Children and adults alike. You can definitely view some antiques and even know the history related to them at the Susannah Place museum.

Circular Quay

Most major towns in Australia are located near the coast. This is the reason behind some of the perfect places in Australia being located near a harbor and also for sports personalities like Michael Phelps being from Australia. You can take a ferry from this harbor and enjoy the placid waters that surround Australia. Sydney Tarragon Zoo houses most of the species found of this island country.

Sydney Tower

Standing 309 m high, Sydney tower is one of the highest towers in Australia. The tower is nested between a series of shopping complexes and markets. Architectured by Donald Crone, this tower gives a spectacular view of the the town. Enjoy exotic wining and dining at 360 Bar and Dining.

Curious about where this tower is located?

It is located on top of Sydney tower and keeps revolving in order to give people an awe inspiring view of Sydney while they enjoy their food.

Sydney Beaches

Who would not love to walk along the shore on the pulverized white sand of Sydney Beach. Bondi beach is usually plush with people from all over Australia. There is no lack of cafe’s around the beach. The tides, not always high, provide a great opportunity for surfing. The presence of volunteer lifeguards all around the beach adds to a safer experience. Shark beach, famous for its shape, is the go to place for nature lovers. The remote island is near the coast of sydney and not many ferries operate for this island.

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