Historical and Artistic; the most incredible Museums across the United States

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Talking about history, arts and cultural interests, the United States of America is renowned to be the most fascinating place for a visit. There are over 35,000 museums in the country which evidently tells us about the rich custom and history of the Country.

Though the word ‘Museum’ comes out from Greece, United States has a vivid preserve of their artifacts and culture indoors. A traveler can effortlessly locate a museum across the nation and gain some insights to its purpose. A museum has an intention of educating the public through the artifacts and the captivating sculptures about the history, science, arts, geography and the culture.

Let us take a glance at some of the most visited and charismatic museums of the United States-

Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) – is the Metropolitan Museum of Artlargest art museum in the USA and one of the most visited in the world. The immense museum has collection of Arts from the east, Africa, Egypt, Asia, Europe, Greek, Islam and many more. From the beautiful medieval paintings to the modern and contemporary art designs this museum has it all. One visit to this place does not complete the motive of learning and subsequently this place will call you back again.


Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington D.C) – is one of the largest art museum in the world to hold the collections from the colonial period. The most comprehensive anthology is what this museum has in store. The edifice of the museum is a National Historic landmark. The museum features a promising exhibition of the American Art. The Smithsonian embraces over 7000 artists and art medals earned by the greats of the country.


National Naval Aviation Museum (Pensacola, Florida) – has its origin from World War II. This Museum is dedicated to the Naval Aviation, US Navy, Marine Cops and the Coast Guard. The museum has a display of over 150 aircrafts and spacecrafts. Aircrafts like the Curtiss NC-4 and Blue Angel A-4 Skyhawks are also being presented here. The museum also consists of IMAX theatre, a store and The Cubi Point Cafe which has NAS Cubi Officers Club. The National Naval Museum covers over 350,000 square feet for the display of the historic aircrafts.

Museum of Science and IndustryMuseum of Science and Industry (Chicago) – consists of over 75 big halls with over 2000 exhibits. The museum has a diversified history to display. From the banned Boeing 727 aircraft to the German Submarine U- 505 which was captured during the World War. Other attractions of this museum include a walk-through model of the Human Heart, Foucault pendulum, The Great Train Story and the 999 Empire State Express steam locomotive. It is one of the most visited places in Chicago.                                                           

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington D.C) – is devoted to peace and humanity along with the great leaders, strengthen the democracy, preventing hatred. The museum has over 40 million visitors already since the dedication and over 25 million website visits in one year. The Museum consists of The Hall of Remembrance to the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust. The permanent exhibits has over 900 artifacts, 70 video monitors and four theatres which showcase the testimonials and promote human rights. Artifacts like Tower of Faces, Replica of Holocaust Train, learning about the Ghettos and more.

Art Institute of ChicagoArt Institute of Chicago (Chicago) – is one of the oldest and the largest museum of the United States. The institute brings and defines the artistic designs of every part in the world. The museum presents the art work of 5000 years of human expression and culture. Diversified display of Decorative Arts, Sculptures, Contemporary Art, Photography, Prints, Drawings and Textiles are filled in. With over 100 thousand exertion obtainable in the Museum, the information for learning is heavy. A single day visit will defiantly not fulfill the desire of being here. The New Modern Wing and 18th century libraries are another attraction of the museum.

Space Center Houston (Texas) – is an official visitor center of NASA. The center allows the access to the human spaceflight activities. With NASA coming in the picture this place is a home to the display of space artifacts and hardware. The Star-ship Gallery in the center presents spacecrafts like Gemini 5, Mercury 9 capsule, Apollo 17, Skylab and a few more. The center also consists of a NASA tram tour which exhibits the historic spacecrafts and the Rocket Park which displays rockets from different workshops of NASA. 

The museums in the US speak a lot about the history and culture of not only America but also about the world. They give a glance of the artifacts and also how things turned around from the 17th century to the 21st century. From photography of the past to the space shuttles, history and learning about everything can be found in these Museums across the United States. A destination which is a must visit for the travelers and gaining some insights about these places. Starting with the architecture to the auditoriums inside everything will get you into a trance mode you’ll never want to end up with.

Travel to USA and visit to these places for they give you a divine learning and soothe your souls to make it a journey and experience of a lifetime.

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