Hottest Destinations to Travel in September from the US
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Hottest Destinations to Travel in September from the US

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The world is up with its accelerated back-to-school season, travelers should take advantage of lovely fall weather. The temperature drops a few degrees during the autumn equinox in September followed by a magnificent show of colors in the leafy regions.

After the passing of Labor Day, the world of travel takes a pause and it gets slightly quieter; even at the most popular destinations. Prices of the hotel rooms fall to a much more manageable rate, and airlines throw open hoards of flight deals this time around as well.

If you plan a getaway early in September, then you get a chance to visit many state fairs that run through Labor Day in the southern state and this year in 2018 it’s on September 3 falling on a Monday making it an extended weekend to enjoy these fests.

Best regions to travel in the summer season

The leaf-peeping Fall foliage in Catskills and Yellowstone National Park is truly a delight besides doing hiking and other activities. The Autumn season is popular for a sweet weather, hot apple cider, and visitors love to watch the leaves change color from lush green to a mix of bright gold, orange, and reds.

Looking for the perfect places in this month then the stateside favorites are The Americas, Maine, and Charleston and South Carolina. This is where there’s a lesser influx of tourists, and you can enjoy these cities as locals do. Its high season for many places, including Orlando, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

If you prefer the warmth in the air climate then head to south Mexico City and Guayaquil. These places are still immaculate and not completely overrun by tourists. There’s plenty of sunshine and some surprising artistic marvels and historical sites for viewing.

Sits in the US which a wine lovers delight like the Okanagan Valley and Kakheti in Georgia whose wines are now celebrated on international lists, and Georgia is up for the harvest season and offers some great tours of the wineries with wine tasting fests

European cities are getting colder with the sun still continuing to warm the beaches, this is a right mix that creates mild waters and gentle breezes around the beaches. The beaches and waters of Greece, Italy, and Spain are perfect September get always. People love to visit Paris this time of the year as everything comes back to life, local shops filled with new season ware.

There are plenty of fall deals in the month of September and October. why wait for the next holidays? Take inspiration from our list of the perfect cities to visit this fall season.
Best season to travel in the US

Catskills, New York

You would love the fall season of Catskills when leaves turn golden and red all over. Catskills is known for its nature filled fall season quite popular amongst couples, and also the winters ski trips that are quite popular amongst the adrenaline junkies. But come, Autumn, people flock at Catskill to experience natures marvel in the leaf-peeping Fall foliage season and for the love of annual Catskill Mountain Thunder motorcycle rally; the largest in upstate New York. Enjoy the stunt shows put by experts and rodeo games amidst live music.

To get the perfect of time in fall season spend a nature-filled weekend at the Scribner’s Lodge dating back to 1966.

Yellowstone National Park, United States

The massive park spreading all the way from Wyoming to Idaho is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. The park is stunning in the fall season with a conducive weather that makes for an ideal hiking or a picnic scene. The national park has also revamped its Junior Ranger program that incorporates hiking, identifying animal tracks and attending a Ranger-led program they get awarded with an official Yellowstone Junior Ranger badge.
Savannah, Georgia

Falls of Savannah is the best-kept secret when the temperature is comfortably low and both the prices and the crowd dwindle plus there is an added bonus of art and music festivals and colorful azaleas spread all across. Savannah Film and Jazz Festival is particularly famous.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Columbia River Gorge located between Washington and Oregon is home to over 50 waterfalls with umpteen activities to try for. Some of the famous places are the Cathedral Ridge Winery that has racked countless awards in wine festivals, The fruit loop with U-pick berry farms, wineries where you will see apples, pears, cherries, and peaches fertilized in volcanic soil and pure glacier water. Fall is the right time to visit when the Mount Hood is at its full dazzle display of fall colors perfect for hiking, biking, and photography.
Best season to travel in Europe

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

If you are looking for a peaceful retreat rather than shuffling through museums and city squares, Tenerife is a great choice with a mild temperature that is on an average of 23°F, an idle climate to relax on the beach.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, with a largely drier weather all through September with days pleasant enough to keep you relaxed in the sun for long hours. The destination is quite popular for its shopping scene and heavy discounts on perfect brands and is a favorite retreat with English-speaking visitors.

You might take a day or two to cover the tropical gardens, architecture and historic towns that are located in the north along with some perfect walking routes. There is plenty of sea-based activities to try in the south as well. However, most visitors come here just to relax in the sun majorly during the day at the beach.

Los Cristianos is the most interesting town and Playa de las Americas has a modern feel with large hotels and this time of the year it is fairly priced as well.


The warm wind of the Mediterranean keeps Italy warm through autumn. The sunniest and the richly cultured island have some of the perfect wild and beautiful beaches that are less crowded and streets cool enough for exploring the twisted streets of enchanting baroque houses. There is a variety of memorable meals served everywhere especially because September is the right time fresh fruit and produce. With visiting crowd mitigated, there’s no problem in getting a room in Sicily’s most charming boutique hotels.


Fez vies close with Marrakesh for being Morocco’s most exotic city. Fez is the country’s spiritual capital with exotically carved mosques and Merenid architecture houses. The city holds its reputation for being an age-old imperial city. The minaret and dome-punctured skyline are reminiscent of its glorious past, Islamic architecture is the top things to see amongst the tourists. Culture vultures will have a field day sticking out in the narrow alleyways clicking pics of all the monument attractions. There is a historic building on every corner of the Moroccan metropolis with not to be missed detailed attractions.

The city makes for a beautiful tour amidst its mix of culinary, cultural, design and photography sessions.


Seychelles is a group of 115-islands in the Indian Ocean renowned for its pristine palm-fringed beaches. More than 65 of these beaches are located on the principal island of Mahé alone. Apart from being one of the perfect wedding destinations with newlyweds sunbathing on these beaches, the place is great for some snorkeling and scuba diving, trail-walking and island exploration. Just an hours drive from Mahé is another popular sight at Praslin which is the second-biggest island and a home to the world heritage site of Vallée de Mai which is a nature reserve that preserves the rare coco de mer palm grows. Sleepy La Digue is another 15-minute hop on a catamaran yacht. The giant tortoise reserve at the Cousin Islands and the Sainte Anne Marine National Park are some of the other must visit places here.
Luxury resorts are found in abundance and choices for affordable villas and guesthouses are in abundance.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is called the Paris South America. The city has some of the perfect locations and nothing beats the charm of the tree-lined and rain hued streets of its largest barrio, trying some exotic bohemian coffee haunts and visit authentic art galleries and quirky fashion boutiques. The Argentinian capital has some of the perfect restaurants, on the edge nightlife and popular for its art scenes. There are lots of exhibition held this time around. Get the perfect of tango dance and get to brush shoulders with models and click a picture with Maradona looks in the tourist city of La Boca. The city has an old meet new charm and the real attraction lies in its history. Every corner of the city is embellished with stunning architecture and protected monument with old neighborhood cafes. These are the places to try some most succulent steak and malbec reserve and hit for a happening nightlife that doesn’t get going until around 1 am.

Low-cost airlines fly from many long distances like Norwegian air and Ryanair.

Lisbon, Portugal

September is the perfect month to visit Lisbon when the days are pleasantly warm and rainfall is still at bay. The crowd has cooled off so sightseeing becomes more pleasant amidst a favorable temperature. Apart from this, Lisbon’s weather is finest all around the year in entire Europe. Hotel prices may not fall drastically low but there is an unusual hostel culture in this city that has made it famous amongst some of the perfect and world’s highest-rated backpacker places, it is a must try particularly with budget airlines catering easily to this destination from far and wide.

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