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How to Choose your Next Travel Destination?

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Traveling to new places, which of course does not include your mundane travel between office & home, has been known to provide the same rejuvenation and relaxation equal to meditation as well as those secret spa rituals. Once an individual gets tangled in the exciting web of traveling and garners the persona of nomadic life, he is transformed and is least likely to be satisfied without at least 2 – 3 travel experiences in a year. But the million dollar question here is –

How to narrow down that one city you want to travel?

With the world full of mesmeric destinations offering sublime experiences that enrich your life even more with beauty, flamboyance, eccentricity and at the same time ensures that when you grow old you have lots of memories to cherish as well as stories to be shared. But the question still remains as to where to start from? Which city or country to travel to? What tips to keep in mind and what time is perfect to visit? Well, we have compiled answers to all your burning questions below and hope that you can make an informed decision that will measure up to your expectations.

First and foremost, the decision of the city to visit generally stands on two pillars – namely Time and Budget. Both of them can either free the individual to plan their trip to their heart’s content or restrict them to only take part in a few activities. However, both of them need to be in balance in order to make the trip more successful and enjoyable.

Another thing that decides upon the travel destination is the type of holiday you are in a mood of. Answering the questions below will ensure that the category of a holiday is decided on:

  • Where do you want to go? – Beach, City or Lush Green Countryside.
  • In which weather? – Summer, winter, spring or autumn.
  • Kind of Holiday? – Adventurous soul or for complete relaxation.
  • The theme of the vacation? – Shopping, adrenalin or culture.
  • Travel Buddies? – Want to go for a family trip, freak out with friends or a romantic holiday with your SO. Going solo is another option.
  • The flow of the trip? – Want to go with a group that has the full trip planned to last detail or prefers to whip it as you go.
  • Money Matters? – Ready to spend cash or have a budget constraint.
  • Type of travel you want to experience? – Whether you want to follow the trained path of many others before you or try a remote location where little is known about the place.

Top Tips to Choose your Travel Destination

While you are deciding on the answers to the above questions there are certain things you should keep in mind as listed below:

Open to New Experiences:

    Just because you have not heard much about a place or are unable to spell or pronounce it correctly does not mean you should let it slide from the list of destinations. It could be one of those offbeat places that are perfect for relaxing vacation with a serene ambiance

  • Make Alternatives your Perfect Friend: It is not easy to find economical flight tickets for your favorite destination but it is the right time to visit the place. So what do you do? Let it slide this year and try the next year? Well, what guarantee do you have that this favorite destination of yours will be within budget the next year? The perfect option is to improvise on your plan and look for an alternative to reach the place. At times even flights can be cheaper if you go in a roundabout way rather than the direct route.
  • Quick Decision: In the travel being quick to think and deciding is the way to survive. Once you have zeroed down the place just book it as soon as possible. Don’t wait thinking on the destination for long or waiting for discounts and offers. You might lose out on current lucrative deals if you wait for long.  
  • Long-shot City Might be Better Option: Most of the times the capital city or the most popular city of a country is more expensive than others. Try for the underdog city as it might be cheaper and also offer better alternatives to enter the desired city while not be over the top expensive.
  • Why What and with Whom: Keep yourself on your toes by asking why you want to travel. When you find your spirit go down because of booking and packing tasks, remind yourself the reason behind this journey and it subsequent importance. Keep a check of all activities that are allowed in the destination and tick those that you have to try at least once. A company is also important as you will be spending hours with that person.
  • Be Safe and Adventurous: Just because you are going for a safe, tried and tested destination does not mean it can’t be adventurous. So what if it’s your third time in Paris for a weekend, you can always make it more dramatic by going for walk around the city rather than booking ca ab for it.

Inspiration is always welcome

This stage is as important as the decision to travel or narrowing down of dates for the same. Most people prefer to do their research, look for inspiration and actually start dreaming about the adventures in the month of January. This month is generally the perfect for the initial stages of planning as everyone is low on cash which rules out the option of going out in that month; weather is generally perfect for staying inside. So what’s better than planning the whole year worth of adventures? Just zip out your notepad, laptop and some exclusive magazine for travel ideas.

Some of the cool options for the perfect inspirations are:

  • Lonely Planet Website: Want complete details about various cities, countries, and regions around the world? The Lonely Planet was incepted for you. The website comprises not only places to visit and local restaurants to try in any particular cities but also provide with ca lear description of the place in the words of other travelers.
  • Pinterest: One stop web scrapbook for anything and everything under the sun. Pinterest a free platform that has only enhanced the wanderlust of travelers even more by allowing others to view different snapshots of traveling experiences posted by an individual. It is like the perfect place to get an idea about the place you should visit next.
  • Travel Bloggers: Blogging is the new way of connecting with other and share an idea or debate on a topic. Travel Bloggers are some of the perfect people to get sound travel advice from. They have completed their topic of conversation after doing thorough research both physically by traveling to that place and electronically via the internet. Their experience and reviews over certain places is a must read section. Some of the most trusted bloggers of all are:
    • World of Wanderlust
    • Landlopers
    • Young Adventuress

Reasons for Travelling:

It is highly imperative that you are clear about the motto behind your travel. Some aims to travel to gain experience, enjoy family time, and have memorable weekends with friends etc, while others can have a reason as solid as to gain knowledge regarding culture and festival of a place. On basis of this we have a short list of countries where festivals are celebrated on a different level:

  • Thailand – Songkran
  • London – Wimbledon (not a festival but not less than one either)
  • India – Holi
  • Edinburgh – Fringe or Hogmanay
  • Spain – Benicassim 

Well till now we hope you have enough direction and inspiration to land your perfect vacation. However, if you guys have some more ideas as to how you choose a place without going overboard with craziness do hit us up in the comments section below. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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