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How to Find Economical Business Class Flights in USA

January 15, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

All over the world, airfares are getting cheaper and cheaper but it is good to know how to find good deals. Finding economical and affordable airline tickets is in fact very easy if you know what you are doing. Following are top 5 tips of how to get cheap business class flights in USA

1) Search at the appropriate times

After midnight, it is a good time to start your search because that is the time when most airlines post deeply affordable fares that had been reserved but were not paid for. If you are only interested in last minute offers, you can check on major booking sites, aggregator sites and airline sites in USA. The perfect time to buy your tickets is between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Usually, Sundays are the most expensive days of the week and most airlines tend to lower the fares on Mondays and this process is completed on Tuesdays around 3pm.

Check-in timings

2) Check-in timings

Flights that have odd timings are relatively cheaper than those during normal business working hours or daytime. Therefore, if you are not that concerned about timing, then you can check for late night and early morning flights. Most people do not know that nonstop flights also tend to cost more than connecting flights.

3) Take advantage of travel agent services

Having a travel agent can be a really good idea because of the time they have the first hand information on special offers and airlines that have good deals. A travel agent can come in handy when you have an unusual or complicated trip.


4) Constantly check the air fares

Since the airfares fluctuate just like the stock market, it is good to verify them every day or better, several times in a day. Some airlines can increase domestic airfare several times in a day during the week and once on weekends. This will give you a good idea of when to expect lower airfares and take advantage of the opportunity to save some cash.

5) Sign up for email alerts and feeds from airlines

Most airlines are more than willing to develop a personal relationship with their clients, and they provide the opportunity to sign you up for free alerts on special offers and discounts. Also, if there are last minute bookings, you will be able to get the information which will be quite useful in your quest for economical business class airfares. Just make sure that when you sign up you do so from the airlineā€™s official website.


During these economic hard times that everyone is facing, looking for ways to reduce costs in every aspect of their lives has been an essential element. You probably are not even able to afford luxurious business class flights that you previously used to comfortably pay for. Fortunately, with a little planning and good research, you should still be able to find great bargains that will help you find an affordable deal. The above tips if well executed may help you find a cheap business class flight in USA that is within your budget.

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