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How to Navigate America’s Busiest Airports – When to Fly

October 26, 2017 Nency Willims 1Comment

With 2017 coming to an end and 2018 just round the corner, holiday travelers have started planning their end of the year vacations to exotic and popular cities across the globe. One country that plays central role in this vacation is the ultimate power country – The United States of America. The last two months of the year in this country becomes mobbed with tourists from all over the world. The already busy airports become even more crowded necessitating for a passenger to be aware about the airport a little in order to survive in there. First and most important suggestion we have is to keep a fully charged portable charger on you to avoid running around looking to charge the phone. Next we have setup basic navigation pointers below for three most busiest airport of the USA.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Layout: O’Hare airport of Chicago is considered to be the busiest in the upcoming months. It is structured having three terminals hosting domestic flights under which Terminal 1 is allotted basically for United airline, with Terminal 3 being allotted to flights by American and is also the hub of the same airline while terminal 2 caters for rest of the airlines landing in O’Hare International Airport. Passengers can use intra-terminal train to navigate between domestic terminal and Terminal 5 catering international flights.

Security Checkpoints: Security checkpoints located between the two terminal 1 and 3 are considered to be the busiest security lines in the whole airport. There is only one security lane for Terminal 2 but still seems to be less crowded than other two. Travelers should try to approach security lines located in the outer of the terminals 1 and 3, like the one located right next to International Check-in for American Airlines is often less busy.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Passengers can access free Wi-Fi for maximum 30 minutes after which a certain fee will be charged for further use. All three terminals provide several charging points wherein the travelers can await to board their flight while their electronics gets charged up.

Other amenities: Tourists with children and waiting for long period at airport to board their flight can access play zone in the airport by name of Kids on the Fly in Terminal 2. A private room for young mothers has been accommodated in Terminal 3 for the purpose breastfeeding and changing clothes of the baby. Terminal 3 also offers a yoga room for travelers who wish to meditate and garner patience in the madhouse that O’Hare becomes in ending months. All three terminals are equipped with clinics for any medical emergency.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Layout: DFW is structured with 5 terminals going by alphabets A – E under which Terminal A, C and D caters for American Airlines which treats the airport as its major hub base. Terminal B and D basically operates for American Airlines affiliate airline called American Eagle while domestic airlines including JetBlue and United land in Terminal E. The airport also caters for an Intra-terminal train called Skylink connects these terminals ensuring smooth transportation of the passengers throughout the airport.

Security Checkpoints: All the gates are outfitted with security checkpoints (15 in total) backing each other end to end. This facilitates smooth transfer of passengers, as when one security lane is busy they can try the other one under expert guidance of TSA staff members.

Connectivity: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport. Passengers can also avail comfort from travel lounges are free of cost located in B28, C8, C27 and E8 offering electric outlets for charging gadgets along with seats. USB connections are also available for free in Terminals A, C, D and E.

Other amenities: In case of passengers required to spend any length of time in the airport needs to freshen up or sleep, Minute Suites are outfitted in Terminal D with mini offices furnished with daybeds and bathroom. Passengers can take a bath ($25 for 30 minute shower) or a nap ($150 for 8 hours) as per their flight schedule. D40 also offers a yoga room for travelers who wish to meditate free of cost. Young parents can also relax by letting their children lose in Aquafina Junior Flyer’s Club in Terminal A, B, D and E.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Layout: JFK International Airport is another very busy airport in this season. Its structure consists of 6 terminals (remote) digitized as 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 are connected by intra-terminal called Airtrain for which passengers need to walk out of the security checkpoints. Travelers need to again go through security check when they enter their new connecting terminal. Terminal 4 caters for Virgin America and Atlantic, while Terminal 5 is for JetBlue and Hawaiian and Terminal 8 caters American Airlines and American Eagles. Lastly Terminal 2 and 4 again is operated by airlines.

Security Checkpoint: The security lanes and checkpoints are scattered throughout the terminals of JFK airport ensuring it to be considered as one of the perfect equipped airport in terms of security.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Passengers can access free Wi-Fi for maximum 30 minutes after which a certain fee will be charged for further use. Terminal 2 and 4 catering for airlines along with Terminal 5’s central atrium accords many charging points.

Other amenities: Young mothers traveling with infants can access the nursing room equipped with bench, changing table and electric outlets in Gate 12 Terminal 5. Near the same terminal a vegetable garden by name of T5 Farm is outfitted by JetBlue of size 24,000 square foot. Moreover, rooftop terrace is also accessible to passengers who wish to get some fresh air.

These are busy times for American airports as not only the USA residents are going across the world for vacation but many tourists plan to visit the country as well in this season. Thus it is imperative for you to book your economical flight tickets and travel to USA with FareMachine much in advance.

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