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How to Travel more in 2017?

April 11, 2017 Nency Willims 0Comment

It is quite true that more you travel more your life gets enriched with experiences of meeting new people, tasting new cuisines, exploring cultures and getting acquainted with lifestyle of the people of that place which is quite fascinating as no two places will be providing same level and interest of lifestyle. However getting ready to travel is not an easy feat especially with rising cost of affairs. Another factor is that many actually don’t wish to take a step out of their comfort zone and the personal bubble that they have created around themselves. The beautiful world around us do not get much appreciated by many of us and it’s a shame as this world has such stunning sights to offer that once you are victimized by the travel lust there is no way you will ever return to be a hermit.

Not all, however, while away the chance to travel. Some just loose up on the opportunity to travel affordably and thus forgo the plan to take a trip as it can get quite expensive. Time is another factor for people not looking forward to travel. Some just believe that they can’t miss out on office days or there is some important exam coming up. Booking cheap flight tickets with greater value in return is also not very easy feat to achieve.

Well as with every other problem ever created in this world, even this issue can be resolved in just few tips and tricks. To travel as much as possible in the year 2017 we have brought top 2 fails save ways that should be the starting point of your travel experience in order to avoid going into panic mode:

  • Planning! Planning and More Planning: The main problem doesn’t come with not having time to travel but from the fact that proper and in time planning was not done. It’s the first step that becomes the obstacle as we get so immersed in our daily life activities that jotting down ideas to plan a trip takes a little extra effort which at times we are too busy or lazy to do. To combat this issue presence of wonderful world of app is there. There are many programs and applications that can be subscribed to for free who can easily do the planning for you, all you have to do is provide basic information. These apps can be customized to provide places as per the location, weather, interesting activities, mood etc.
  • Budget Setting: This is probably one of the most important parts of the trip as you can’t go around spending more than you earn until and unless you have a trust fund or are secretly a millionaire. Budget sets not only the limitation on your spending power but also puts up a tone for the holiday. Jotting down destinations that you are planning to visit is only possible once you have set the budget as all the places around the world cost different. Budget also helps to narrow down the activities you can and can’t afford which will not raise any unexpected bar of the holiday. Another advantage of having budget in place is that you know how much you can spend on tickets and can avail affordable flight tickets in accordance with that limit. Getting the perfect balance of good tickets, decent hotel and lifetime of memories on the shoestring of budget is certainly difficult but not impossible.

Following the above two tricks is just the tip of the iceberg called travel, however, it will certainly facilitate more and more travelling in the future if done correctly. Some other tips that can make the travelling experience worth every penny you spend is:

  • Travelling companion – Choose a buddy whose company has never bored you. The possibility of spending long hours just in the company of your travelling buddy is quite high. So choose carefully.
  • Flight Tickets – Try to spend as little as possible on the flight tickets as the money saved can only add more adventure on the trip that was already going to be epic. Go for websites which offer hordes of affordable deals that can pave way for reasonably priced flight tickets.

Well with these tips in hand, its time I bid you “Bon Voyage” and if you have any tips to share or your travel story then do leave a comment in the section below.

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