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Infographic – “TOP US National forest for Canoe & Kayak”

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  1. Boundary waters Canoe Area Wilderness Superior National Forest, Minnesota It is a unique area located in the northern third of the Superior National Forest in the Northeastern Minnesota. It is an eminent destination for both canoeing and fishing on its many lakes and is the most visited wilderness in the United States.
    • Established in 1909.
    • One million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
    • Popular recreational activities include fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, swimming, hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and ice fishing.
    • The BWCAW attracts approximately 250,000 visitors per year.
  2. Juniper Run Ocala National Forest, Florida Juniper Springs Run is an alluring canoe and kayak in stream in Florida Ocala National Forest. It showcases the sparkling springs in a subtropical background. Juniper Run Ocala National Forest is one of the oldest and perfect known recreation areas on the East Coast.
    • Established in 1908, is the oldest National Forest.
    • The second largest nationally protected forest in the U.S. State of Florida.
    • Recreational activities includes – Camping, Swimming & Picnicking, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Boating, Canoeing, Off-Road Vehicles, Horseback Riding, and Hunting & Fishing.
    • Recorded thousands of visitors to the sparkling springs on the East Coast of Florida.
  3. Eleven Point National Scenic River, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri The Eleven Point River meanders through the picturesque Ozark hills of southern Missouri. It has been acknowledged and loved for its rich history and outstanding scenic beauty since early settlement days.
    • MTNF was established on September 11, 1939.
    • Mark Twain includes Greer Spring, which is the largest spring on National Forest land.
    • The Greer Crossing Recreation Area is a National Forest campground.
    • Explore the rich history and outstanding scenic beauty since early settlement days like thousands of visitors.
  4. Ausable, Manistee, Pere Marquette and Pine White River, Huron-Manistee National Forest, Michigan If you are wondering for a quick morning trek, stroll or hike to stretch your legs visit Huron-Manistee National Forest and you might feel you have actually strike gold! Along with hiking and horseback riding in the fairytale forest of Michigan, you can hunt for natural minerals and geodes.
    • The Huron National Forest was established in 1909 and the Manistee National Forest in 1938.
    • The Huron-Manistee boasts thousands of lakes and miles of sparkling rivers and streams.
    • Nationally known Pere Marquette and Au Sable Rivers offer quality canoeing and fishing.
    • Fall season attracts greatest number of visitors to the area.
  5. Wambaw Creek Wilderness Canoe Trail Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina
    • Established in July 10, 1936.
    • Recreation opportunities include campsites, rifle ranges, boat ramps, and several trails for hiking, horseback etc.
    • Wambaw Creek is a wilderness blackwater creek flowing through with opportunities to view wildlife.
    • Welcomes campers, hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, kayakers, and picnickers across the globe each and every year.
  6. Tyger River Canoe Trail Sumter National Forest, South Carolina The next time you head up to South Carolina, be sure to plan to kayak Tyger River on the Sumter Forest situated in Northwestern South Carolina. Explore the scenic slopes of the Sumter National Forest that covers marshy areas and bottomland forests.
    • Established in July 13, 1936.
    • Find the perfect hiking, fishing and camping in Sumter National Forest.
    • There is a diversity of activities found year round in the Forest making it great for a family camping vacation.
    • Camping locations in the Sumter National Forest range from roadside or dispersed camping to the developed campground of Parsons Mountain Lake.
    • Witness thousands of visitors every year.
  7. Mulberry River Ozark National Forest, Arkansas Experience fishing in the Mulberry river, which is an excellent choice in late spring and early summers. Embrace the wild scenic beauty of waterfalls in Arkansas graciously provided by Mother Nature herself.
    • Established in march 6, 1908
    • Step into the past by visiting the three natural stone cabins and the lodge on White Rock Mountain.
    • Fishing is popular and there are campgrounds, hiking trails, waterfalls and scenic drives to be enjoyed in the area.
    • Thousands of visitors come here to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds.
  8. Green River Ashley National Forest View the magnificent Red Canyon and the Green River in Ashley National Forest and experience the two diverse forests. Explore the wide variety of camping locations also the trophy fishing and whitewater experiences on the Green River.
    • Established in the year July 1st, 1908.
    • The Green River provides spectacular fishing and river-running opportunities, as well as unique geology, outlaw history and Native American rock art.
    • Forest is surrounded by shady juniper, cottonwood and ponderosa pine trees during the summer along with various species of wildflowers.
    • Adventure lovers come here from every nook and corner of the world to experience hiking and fishing.
  9. Mokelumne Eldorado/ Stanislaus National Forest Explore the dramatic Yosemite-like scenery of Stanislaus National Forest where you can fish in over 800 miles of rivers and streams, stay in a campground, or hike into the back-country seeking pristine solitude. You can river or canoe one of the many gorgeous lakes. You can ride a horse, a mountain bike or a snowmobile.
    • Established in February 22, 1897 and is one of the oldest national forests.
    • A heaven for those who are seeking for pristine solitude for hiking.
    • Exceptional whitewater rafting and kayaking can be found in the wild and scenic Tuolumne River and Cherry Creek.
    • Welcomes thousands of visitors every year to swim near sandy beach or wade into cold clear streams cooling your feet while lost in the beauty of nature, raft the exciting Tuolumne River, or canoe one of the many gorgeous lakes.
  10. Truckee River – Tahoe National Forest Unravel the treasured landscape of Tahoe National Forest that has abundance of wonderful places to explore including scenic vistas, hidden waterfalls; serene lakes, wildflower meadows, reservoirs etc. Rediscover these special places of popular Tahoe National Forest.
    • Tahoe National Forest was established in the year 1905.
    • Explore breathtaking mountain peaks, lush meadows filled with wildflowers and historic mining towns.
    • Tahoe National Forest is one of the most popular recreation forests in the US.
    • Winters opens sports opportunities that include – world renowned downhill ski areas and extensive snowmobile and cross-country ski trails to experience.
    • Tahoe National Forest has a big bend of visitors with many natural and man-made resources of enjoyment.

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  1. I have Kayaking on my bucket list of things to try in my lifetime. Thanks for this short and sweet post with locations I can consider when the time is right. Thanks.

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