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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions’.

Oakland, a city which takes down all your travel necessities and gives you a wholesome experience to rejuvenate and satisfy oneself from within. From inspiring beaches to the world renowned artifacts, this city gives you everything under one basket.

Oakland is located in the west coast of California. The city is surrounded by the Oakland Hills in the east and the San Francisco Bay in the west. Crammed up with sights and adventures, Oakland is a place where walking through the city is most preferred mode of commuting. The city experiences warm summer Mediterranean climate which ensures a bright sunny day for 9 months in a year. The days are warm and the nights are cool and happening. The city of Oakland is a mosaic of lakes, gardens, museums, beaches and nightlife. The city is a perfect host for people who enjoys being in a tranquil state of mind. Glancing through the beautiful sites, museums and artifacts in the day and chilling around in some corner of the city in the night is just what this paradise believes in for the travelers.

Let’s go about being wandering and listing down things to do in Oakland.

The Shoreline of Lake Merritt – is over 3.4 kms long and it gives you a chance to ramble around the lake. This lake is static and one can never get tired sauntering around here for hours. The shore of Merritt is never silent and one roaming about here can easily locate an event going on around the lake. Indulge in and you would never want to leave that place and such is glory of this consign.

A show at the Fox Theatre­ – it doesn’t matter what you see; all it matters is you see something, and such is the beauty of this place. An event in the Fox Theatre is something which you’ll never want to miss. Adding up to your interest and splurge, buy yourself the VIP access and things would go even beyond. An absolute cracker of an event is what this place promises for.

Visit to the Oakland Zoo – a large biodiversity and a natural habitat is important to keep the animals protected and healthy. A home to over 660 native and exotic animals which include a mammals, reptiles, amphibians and a lot more is a perfect spot to visit. It’s not just a zoo; several events go in and around the 100 acre land. Hop onto the sky tram and soar above the giraffes or you can sit out in a café within the woods to give yourself a pleasing time.

Jack London Square – whether it be the mornings or the nights, this place has it all. Walking, bicycling or kayaking at the waterfront in the mornings is a soothing experience. Lively and happening are the keywords for this place. With uncountable options to dine in and giving your sweet tooth a savor of good food and drinks, Jack London Square is a haven to gratify a being. For ever and a day you can be amused by the events and activities going on, all you need to do is pull up your socks and start wandering.

The Trappist – visiting Oakland and falling into this trap is a must stopover. Beer lovers, this is your place. A Belgian style brewery which serves over 100 classes of beer majorly from Belgium, Dutch, America and Scandinavia. A handsome evening with music, beer and contemporary Californian munchies will keep you on your toes. The location of this beer pub is a building of the primordial times which makes you sink into this culture of happiness.

The Oakland Museum of California – if you believe in science, history and art this is the perfect thing to do. Adults and children are welcomed here. Beautiful artifacts and scientific methods is what this place is good at. Galleries with activities for the children, museum gardens with fantastic events all through are the highlights of this place. Subdivided; galleries of art, history and natural sciences are hugely creative and audience participation take it to a whole new level. The museum also gives you the opportunity to connect and volunteer on their behalf.

From recreational opportunities to entertainment options you have it all. The new ‘Sin City’ is what Oakland is. Nightlife is busy and happening. Marked in world’s one of the finest travel destinations and America’s coolest city Oakland is now a highlighted destination.

To the skies infinity level, Oakland has infinite things to do. Apart from museums and parks over the city, it also engages you with the picturesque and scenic beauty. Lake Temescal and Mountain view Cemetery gives a glance of cities attractions. If you endeavor for peace, stillness and silence then this place is a temple for you, and if you crave for movement, uproar and parties this place is not less than the Project X. Everything for everyone is a motto of this destination. Spare some time and buy yourself an experience of a lifetime.

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