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Kings Day Amsterdam: Birth of King Willem-Alexander

December 14, 2017 Pritam Majumdar 0Comment

“I love Amsterdam. The city is vibrant and alive. It’s fresh and so open. It’s definitely one of my favorite places.” -Stefon Harris, American Musician. Amsterdam has a charm that neither the streets of England nor the mysterious places of Ireland can or even Paris can charm you with. The Dutch beauty of the place where history and the modern times blend with a unique blending is something that might just make you lose yourself in its arms. The city lights up and is alive very specifically during the King’s Day celebration. King’s Day festival was formerly named Queen’s Day. During the festivities, the city becomes vibrant with locals and the visitors alike soaking up with Amsterdam’s open-air merriment. Whether you’re on the streets, or in floating within the canals, strolling in the Parks; you’ll find the city all tangy with orange as the Amsterdammers, both locales or visitors relish the greatest street-party that takes place every year on 27th April.

What’s With The Name?

The name definitely suggests that it is derived from the Dutch Royalties, but who exactly is it in honour of? The celebrations began with the birth of Queen Wilhelmina. After Wilhelmina’s daughter, Juliana who succeeded to the throne in the year 1949, the day was converted to 30th April according to the birthday of the new Queen.  The present Princess Beatrix, when she became the queen in 2014, chose to preserve the tradition.  However, since w014, Queen’s Day was renamed as King’s Day which is officially celebrated on 27th April every year.

Customs of King’s Day

The name might have changed but the festive spirit of the grand Day remains as it was before. Make sure you’re decked in orange. Why? Well! Everyone including the their pet – is all decked head to toe in orange, as a display of their pride for the Dutch Royal Family, which is the House of Orange-Nassau. Every year, the Royal Family cortege visits a municipality or a town in the Kingdom of The Netherlands as part of the King’s Day Celebration.

1. Lets Deck Ourselves in Orange

If you’re not in orange on King’s Day, you’re not prepared for The Day. You know, what’s more, people even wear orange wigs and paint their faces with orange paint. Weird eh? Well, “the wackier the better”. Yeah yeah, we know you’ll look crazy. But … will be everybody else.

2. Party All King’s Night…

Too hard to wait for King’s Day? Go on! Party all night! The perfect pubs, bars & clubs become alive on the King’s Night (the night before King’s day) & are ready to embrace you and all those with you. Enjoy the night and bring out the Oranje spirit in you, by partying all day and night all through King’s Day.  Do make sure that you save some energy for King’s Day itself.

3. One Mega Street-Market

There’s an old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and King’s Day is for certain, a day known for treasure-hunting. If you’re a shopaholic, I think you’d love to know that a free vrijmarkt (flea market) turns up on about every street and/or public-space. The locale and visitors alike, of every age, raise up stalls and transform into market traders for just that one day. Make sure You’ve paid a visit to these awesome stalls since they’re a haven for shoppers.

4. Canals & Boat Parties

The canals of Amsterdam are inundated with a ”sea of orange” on that one Day. Several brilliantly adorned party boats are afloat on the famous watercourses. Alone? Without a Boat? No sweat! You can still relish the awesome fun-stuffs on the dry land. The corners of Prinsengracht & Amstelveld are great spots to ticker the King’s Day parade while the King’s Day boats float by.

5. King’s Day Urban Music Festival

Celebrating King’s Day is never full without a large DJ & live-act line-up which takes place at the Stadspodium in Amsterdam. The festival becomes, from the larger-than-life venue into a tremendous extravaganza of orange.

King’s Day is a time when you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect of Amsterdam. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam for King’s Day on 27th March 2018; log-in to and get some awesome deals on the tickets.

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