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La Tomatina Spain: Tomato Throwing Tomatina Festival

December 14, 2017 Pritam Majumdar 0Comment

“I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain.” says John Edward Masefield, on the beautiful country of Spain, adorned by uniqueness in culture and beautified by the “magnificencia” of its art & architecture. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve to Fiestas of La Vijanera to La Tomatina, Spain is just fantastic during festivals. Spain is so very friendly that George Orwell said, “I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries. How easy it is to make friends in Spain!” Moreover, “In Spain, the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country in the world”, said Federico Garcia Lorca; which is true because of the whole country being alive at all festivities especially at the La Tomatina.

When Did La Tomatina Start Being Celebrated?

It all began on the final Wednesday in the August of 1945 when a few young Spaniards wanted to get a place among the cortege of a particular parade which consisted of musicians, of giants along with big-head figures. These young people were pretty hot-headed. With excitement, they by mistake; thrust one of the individuals participating in the Festival. The result of which was that the participant fell down. Enraged with the young men, and in a fit of rage, the participant began hitting everything that came to his path. Thus goes the story, that there was a market-stall filled with vegetables which unfortunately became victim to the angered crowd and people started throwing tomatoes at each other. However, the fight ended with the intervention of the local forces. In the year that followed, the young Spaniards picked up a mock-quarrel. This time, the stores did not loose heir tomatoes but rather they brought them from their abodes to enact the episode of the previous year. Despite of the police having broken this early practice in the years that followed, the lads had made history without even knowing it. Ab initio, it was prohibited in Spain in the early years of 1950’s. However, the citizens spoke of the incident and thus was the festivity born. Soon, the fame of this festival crossed the boundaries of Spain and sought out the hearts of peoples of diverse nations, and thus the day is now known by the World as, “The Tomatina Festival”.

How Long Is The Festival?

The Festival takes place on the last Wednesday of the Month of August (29th August in the year 2018) which is a week-long festival adorned with parades, dancing, fireworks and music.

What Exactly Happens at The La Tomatina

More or less, about 30,000 people from all across the world; come to the La Tomatina, added to which is the locales of Spain especially from Bunol population with a number of 9,000. At about 11 a .m., the primaeval event of La Tomatina starts in which a ham is set upon a large, greased pole, and mind you that the tomato-fight can only start off when an individual is able of climbing to the top and then bring it down. People fight against one other, to the extent of climbing higher than another, in order that one might be able to pull down the ham placed atop the pole. As soon as there is a victor, La Tomatina begins.

Things You Need to Know About Your Trip

Do’s & Don’t’s of La Tomatina

  • Don’t bring objects that are hard or bottles which can cause accidents and even hurt your fellow-participants
  • Don’t tear off T-shirts of other people
  • The tomatoes must be squashed prior to throwing lest it hurts the other participants.
  • Make sure you safely, stay away from the trucks
  • When you hear the second gun-shot, you’ll have to stop throwing the tomatoes

How To Get There?

To the highest degree, the young visitors tend to book inexpensive settlement in Valencia. After which they tend to take a train to Bunyol for the Festival. On the forenoon of La Tomatina, there are several trains that travel from Valencia Central Station, located about 40km away from Bunyol. You really don’t have to pre-book your ticket since the trip by train from Valencia to Bunyol is about 50 minutes. The actual tomato-fight lasts a little more than an hour that begins at midday & continues till briefly after 1 in the afternoon. Try travelling on the 8.08 am, 9.08 am and/or 10.08 am trains which will help you reach Bunyol way before The Festival begins. The earlier you go, the better it is, if you don’t want to travel on a packed train so as to leave you breathless. Looking for an alternate means of travelling? You can travel using a local bus or might rent a car. However, it’s not a great idea considering the mess you’ll be in after the tomato-fight.

Where To Stay?

During the La Tomatina, you’ll find very accommodations since many participants from all across the world stay in the city of Valencia to Buñol using the aforesaid vehicles. Bunyol being a little village with a population of some 9000 people whose population increases to about 30,000 on the day of La Tomatina. You can either stay at The Hotel Condes de Buñol or a small family-run campsite which is named as La Granjita, located in Chiva which is about 10km to the north-east of Bunyol.


Tickets cost of €10 each and you can reserve and get a print out the ticket via Bunyol Town Council website. As an alternative, you can also book an organized tour for the La Tomatina with many companies who include tickets within their package.

So, if you’re in for some messy and yet adventurous trip to Spain on La Tomatina in August next year, take a look at for the great deals and offers. Book early for your tickets.

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