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6 World’s Largest & Busiest Airports worth a Visit

July 21, 2016 Nency Willims 1Comment

Travelling, whether for work or enjoyment, gets influenced from the moment you step into the airport to fly off for your destination. If the airport is small, cramped and filled with tourists that you keep bumping into, it will automatically result in increasing frustration and wish for the flight to just arrive as soon as possible so you can escape the cramped hell called International Airport. Although a general scenario in busiest airports, not all airports offer a sad experience. Some of the airports are created with such beautiful designs that you stay star struck for quite a while like the mesmeric Charles De Gaulle Airport of Paris. On other hand it’s not just the beautiful architecture that keeps a person in trance but at times it is the sheer velocity and size of the airport that instantly keeps an individual immovable for some time like the majestic King Fahd International Airport. Here is a small list of largest while being the busiest airports around the world.

1: King Fahd International Airport

The airport structured in Northern West region of Dammam city of Saudi Arabia called King Fahd International Airport is said to be the busiest and consequently the largest airport in the world. The airport is built over 78000 hectare land and has been beautifully and smartly structured in the 1990s as at that time it was used to help in the Gulf war. The airport is currently being managed and maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority since it has become accessible to public some 15 years back. This one of the major hub for many airlines from all over the world is designed in six-storey with 5 terminals. Three terminals of the airport are reserved for public boarding and de-boarding, the 4th terminal is for boarding and airport authorities, while the 5th and last terminal can only be used by the royal family or their guests.

2: Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States of America and is awarded the title of perfect airport in North America along with acknowledgment of being the finest airport from prominent travel American Magazines. It is also the Second Largest Airport in the world, right after King Fahd International Airport, covering the land of about 13726 hectare. This airport acts as the major hub and connecting place for many top notch airlines including Great Lakes Airlines , Frontier Airlines and one of the largest operating airlines called United Airlines. This airport is being controlled and managed by the ever efficient Denver Aviation Authority of both the city and the country. It has record flow of about 635,445 International flights in a year which is taking care of at least 31,004,580 tourists and travelers every year as per the survey done in the year of 2012.

3: Dallas Worth International Airport

Another world class airport designed by the Americans is Dallas Worth International Airport which is structured between two main cities, namely Dallas and Forth that is considered smack dab centre of the country and as such is used by many cities for travelling. It is the second largest airport in the United States and also one of the largest in the world covering about 7800 hectare and caters to about many airlines considering it is treated as one of the major hubs for the international airlines with likes of UPS Airlines, Ameriflight Airlines and the ever prestigious American Airlines. This airport incorporates 5 terminals managed by efficient airport staff catering for maximum number of gates in an airport – 165. In order to accord passengers with convenience and comfort of crossing the vast distance cars and buses are provided to carry travelers to flights.

4: Shanghai Pudong International Airport

China’s biggest and busiest airport operates from Shanghai named Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Although it is 4th largest Airport in the world, however, in China it is the biggest airport that garners much attention in terms of the flights and airlines networking through this airport. Being the major hub of China, this airport witnesses landing and taking off of airlines like China Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Fed Ex Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Yangtze River Express and DHL Aviation etc that are some of the flights operating on regular basis in this airport. It is also considered to be the Third Busiest Airport of the World covering 3350 hectare of ground entertaining round about 51,661,800 passengers travelling across the globe. Considering the sheer size and influx of passengers on daily basis, this airport require vast amount of authorities for smooth functioning, which is catered by the ever efficient Pudong International Airport Authority surveying the three terminals of which two operate fully.

5: Charles De Gaulle Airport

he beautiful city of Paris will no doubt be the one city that has been able to construct not only the 5th largest airport of the World but also one of the most beautifully crafted airport in the world. Charles De Gaulle Airport is the largest airport of France and has also been able to bowl over the passengers all over the world by its majestic beauty shown clearly through its round shape and the infrastructure. Being one of the largest and beautiful was not enough for this airport as it has also taken up its place in being one of the busiest airports of the world as well. It caters to 62,052,920 travelers flying in one of the 497,763 flights taking off from the airport per year. Some of the world famous flights that network through this airport, Air France and FedEx Airlines. The airport is structured in such a way that it has around three terminals that are open for local, cost and foreigners specifically, of which 2 are segregated into magnificent halls.

6: Madrid Barajas

The Sixth Largest Airport of the World has been awarded to the largest airport of the Serene and beautiful country of Spain named Madrid Barajas International Airport. It is counted not only in the biggest but busiest airport of the world list. It holds the ground measuring up to 3050 hectare of the beautiful northern west region of Puerta Del Sol located in the centre of Madrid having constant coming and going of at least 342, 601 flights every year carrying passengers around 41,883,357. Another impressive area of this airport is the cargo services accorded to the world that in recent year has increased up to 6% and has received greater input from other countries. With swift and smooth landing, many flights favor the airport among which are the great airlines like Iberia Airlines along with Air Europe.

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  1. I always enjoy spending time in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. I really like the Maarten Baas clock/artwork displayed there!

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