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Spring Break means fun at beaches, awesome weather and parties galore. Some long for quite places, away from the crowd for peaceful picnics with loved ones and leisure reading while others wish to embrace their inner party animals and while away time shopping and celebrating holidays in the perfect way possible leaving behind the worries of studies and tests. Spring Break helps the teenagers to unwind and rejuvenate themselves for the next term. Different people relax and unravel their mind in different ways with parties being the top way of unwinding. For your interest we have enlisted top party getaways in the US perfect for spring breaks:

Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City BeachPopularly known as the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’ it has yet to disappoint any of the party goers. With its alluring and pristine white sand beaches, dotted with restaurants and bars offering happy hours till late night combined with world class concerts and captivating contests, Panama City Beach caters to all the needs of a party animal. The city also has a lot to offer to family holiday with low price and amusement parks being the most attractive offers. Although spring season do miss out on certain allures of the place like seeing jellyfish that come in galore around late summer, the city will definitely provide for memorable spring break.


BahamasBahamas is an ultimate party destination irrespective of the season or weather. This archipelago caters to all ages of party enthusiast especially teenagers for spring break parties who often opt for Bahamas as they are able to access place easily, and has party staples along with drinking age being just 18 years. Family holidays are also catered by beach, with attractions like golf courses, exquisite meals and kid friendly activities apart from beach fun, alluring families from all over the world.

Galveston, Texas

GalvestonOne of the lowest key destinations for spring parties that cater to only those crowds that seems to want to laze on the sand or along the seawall rather the hardcore party enthusiasts who would prefer to go in for the neighbor South Padre Island. With only an hour from Houston, many opt for Galveston as the economy of the places is not that great so there are many affordable dining and tourist options to explore from.

Puerto Rico

Puerto RicoWith its mesmeric scenic beauty and low flight costs Puerto Rico is fast becoming one of the go to place for spring parties. Students and families alike are planning to visit Puerto Rico considering the hopping clubs & bustling casinos lightening up the night life and malls, golf courses along with alluring white sand beaches making up for the day’s activities. Although at times looking over crowded, Puerto Rica will always have a secluded and relaxing place up its sleeve.

Spring Break is a time for fun, relaxing and more. It’s the time when students either go back to their home town and bond with their families and friends or opt to travel around the world and explore new places with their friends. Either way it is the time that leads to stronger bond, new experiences and memorable part of colleges and schools.

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