Memphis, USA – 7 Top Things to Do

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“Home to the Blues and birthplace of Rock n Roll” – Memphis, USA

Memphis, Tennessee is a land of wonders and dream vacations. The word Memphis means beautiful and established. Situated in the corner of Tennessee, the city experiences four idiosyncratic seasons throughout the year. The city is gratifying during the winters when covered with the shining white sheet. The city of Memphis is fascinating and also one of the World’s perfect Vacations can be produced on this land of get-up-and-go.

Memphis lies on the banks of the Mississippi River which is a major attraction of the city. Apart from the sight-seeing attractions, Memphis also is the home to some of the perfect music events in the world. The city is fired up with musical events and destinations. One can enjoy music of its kind anywhere in the city and spend some peaceful time. In Memphis there is a lot to do.

Let us check out seven of the perfect things you can do while you’re in the charming city of Memphis:

2 Miles of Beale Street

Beale Street is a historic corner which is famous for music and events. Being to Memphis and residing on the Beale Street is happiness on cloud 9. Walking these 2 miles would give you a glance of what the Memphis culture is all about. The Blues originated on this Beale Street to shake the world with their tunes. So if you’re looking to spend a roaring night, Beale Street is your seventh heaven.

Graceland – A Private House

The king of Rock n Roll – Elvis Presley, lived in Memphis in a handsome house which is called the Graceland, which has eventually become the most visited private house in the United States after White House in Washington. Graceland Is open for public intervention and one can enjoy looking at Presley’s dearest things. The pink Cadillac, gifts from the fans and the famous Jungle Room.

Mississippi’s Mud Island Riverwalk

What role Mississippi River plays to persuade Memphis? Riverwalk would give you a fleeting look towards its exquisiteness. Mud Island is the perfect place to see the charm which the river has produced for Memphis. This island carries out events and activities throughout the day. You can also try your hand on the kayak, bikes and boats to make your journey more meaningful. The Riverwalk however is open only from April to October, but it is worth to be in here.

Panda in the Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is one of the greatest Zoos in America. It is also one of those four Zoo’s which is home to the endangered Panda. Alongside Panda, Memphis Zoo is home to over 3500 animals making it one of the biggest zoos in the world. You can also be a part of the educational programs which include shows, camps and even classes for children.

Cooper – Young Entertainment District

A Street where Cooper Street and Young Avenue intersect gives rise to the Entertainment District. The Street represents the strong historic architecture and rich culture of Memphis. The major artistic work in the streets is from the early 20th century. This walkable street is lively and fueled in with galleries, vintage stores, specialist restaurants and bars.

National Civil Rights Museum

According to the recent stories and travel books, the Civil Rights Museum is most knowledgeable, beautiful and a must visit site in Memphis. The Museum is incorporated in the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The museum features incredible artifacts, films and interactive media. It also features to depict and present history of over 500 years.

Marching at the Peabody Ducks

Every morning in the Hotel Peabody, 5 ducks march down their palace in the fountain of the Peabody Hotel to the sound of King Cotton March and return every evening to their palace on the top floor on the same sound. It is one of the perfect views in Memphis which is a bit strange but adorable. It is happiness for the young and pleasing for the matured.

The city of Memphis is renowned for its adventure. This city has over 60 sightseeing attractions which is one of the highest in the United States. It is an adventurous city and has something for everyone. Cheap flights are readily available for Memphis from nearly any location. Memphis also incorporates luxurious hotels, moth watering restaurants and lively streets.

If you’re willing to go for a vacation, Memphis is your perfect place to be. The subtle energy of this place is a treat to be in. To travel to this unique land book your flights with and get special discounts and deals on your flights. We want you to fly economical and spend more on your vacations.

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