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Merriment and Relaxation at Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels

November 10, 2017 Priyannkaa Dey 0Comment

Holiday season is around the corner. It is the time to travel too! While selecting a particular destination, it is always advisable to check out the tourist spots of that place. If the city you are visiting has a water park then it is more fun because water park is an excellent place to escape the summer heat and have loads of fun.

Normally water parks have a variety of rides and attractions. The perfect part about water parks is that you can enjoy with your full family irrespective of the age group because it can be enjoyed by young & old alike. Planning your trip beforehand and exploring what all the park has to offer will make the visit more enjoyable.

If you love water and water rides, Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels is a must-visit. Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels was started in 1979. It is located at the center of Schlitterbahn where there are miles of rivers. The waterpark was started on the banks of the Comal River. It is the original water park resort in central Texas.

In fact, Schlitterbahn grew out of the spring fed river and the German heritage of the Hill Country is prominent. Now, it is one of Texas’s most favourite tourist destinations and has world-renowned attractions. It is a fantastic resort with two distinct waterparks. It has 51 attractions spread over 70 acres.

New Braunfels is Schlitterbahn’s well-known and popular location. A huge number of people visit the park during the weekend. Therefore, it is more relaxing during the weekday to visit it. It is perfect to arrive early when waiting line will be shorter. Also, you can avoid the mid-day sun that way.

There is a torrent river that has constant waves which send you floating around the park and makes the ride worth it. The low seating chairs help you to enjoy the splash of water at Blastenhoff Beach. There is a ‘choose your own adventure’ never-ending water ride too. Grab a 2018 Season Pass now to get a special holiday discount and other benefits like free parking, free inner tube rides at Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels.

It is a wonderful place for picnics too. There are picnic tables with shades around the park. Schlitterbahn Waterpark basically has two water parks in one. Amazing tube slides, tube chutes, pools and rides with spring-fed river water define these parks and make it more enthralling. The interesting fact is that the water stays cool at 72 degrees and flows back to the river.

The other popular rides include black tubes in the Original Section that has the iconic castle. Take a tram ride within the Blastenhoff and Surfenburg sections. You can ride an uninterrupted wave on the Boogie Bahn and fly high too on the Sky Coaster. Go uphill on the Master Blaster Water Coaster. ‘Park on The Falls’ is one of the world’s longest water park rides.

What is more, there is a resort at Schlitterbahn which is like a summer home for families. It has seven well-defined accommodation styles and room types. It ranges from a basic hotel room to a vacation home with 7 rooms. The amusement park is not excessively commercial too as offers visitors free parking, boogie boards and life vests. There are food kiosks all around where you can enjoy ice-creams, burgers, pizza, refreshments etc.

Furthermore, Schlitterbahn Waterpark has one of the longest water rides in the world and travelers from from all over the world visit it. This amusement park in Texas has a homely family-oriented environment with indolent rivers and splash pools. It will feel like you are riding waves on the ocean. Go wild and have fun with your full family! You can rent a private cabana too and laze around in luxury.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark is located in New Braunfels which is around 51 kms from San Antonio. Rent a cab or car from San Antonio or take a bus. It is open daily in summers but closed in winters. Book your tickets in advance for US from FareMachine.

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