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Beaches have always been top hotspot options for vacations whether it is with family, friends or spouse. Beaches have this alluring vibe that just pulls people towards it. Whether it is summer vacation or spring break hordes of students and families would likely make plan to hit beaches or beach cities.

The United States of America is no different in this case. The American would rather be seen lazing around on beach, surfing in clear waters or partying hard in the night. Irrespective of the age, you are quite likely to catch Americans somewhere near the beaches at all time of the day. There are two states that rule the roost of having the most visited and crowd puller beaches of all – California and Florida.  Some of the world famous beaches of all time are enumerated for you and your future beach trips:

Venice Beach, CA

California’s Venice Beach is quite popular for its mesmeric clear water and hot parties. It caters to all sorts of people both local and tourists coming from different walks of life including sun bathers, tarot card readers, passionate sport lovers, fitness freak and obviously surfers. The most visited beach suffers with just one limit which is it can get quite crowded in the holiday season & book flight to California.

Miami Beach, Florida

Beaches of Florida have always magnetically pulled tourists and local alike to their sandy shores and pristine waters. Of all the beaches Miami Beach takes the cake and also the attention. The state’s southern competitiveness has in fact stretched to the beach with many people opting to just pose or preen amongst themselves book now tickets to Miami.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

The Waikiki Beach is surrounded by Diamond Head that is known for being the most climbable volcano along with having most gorgeous white sand and iconic palm trees that Hawaii is famous for. With water being warm or cold enough (as per your preference) to be opted for swimming and serene gentle waves, this beach is ideal for family vacations with kids book now flight to Hawaii.

Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County boosts of mesmeric beaches that are always crowded by sun bathers and swimmers alike making their way to either Cocoa Beach or Melbourne Beach with North Reach in Cape Canaveral enjoying that extra bit of attention for its scenic beauty worthy of being painted on a canvas. Tourists take benefit of having access to NASA Kennedy Space Center right next to the beach plan this holiday Florida.

Beaches have always attracted attention of all age group of tourists. However ensure that the beach you are planning to visit suits your needs to the ‘T’ as there is one beach definitely made for every tourists.

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