New Zealand’s Inspiring Most Stunning Mountain Views

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New Zealand – One country whose mesmeric charm not only changes the perception of beauty as whole but also ensures that the travelers leave with bucket load of memories. Whether its the majestic New Zealand mountains that awe you or the black and white beaches, this country has a small bubble of wonder for everyone. The mountainous areas of New Zealand has a way of making you feel that you have stumbled upon your own fairyland with wild scenery and stunning mountain view as a backdrop. Highlighted below are some of the most iconic mountains of New Zealand and are must visit when you plan a trip to this down under country.

The first on our list is the Mount Eden in Auckland. Apart from being a prominent city of New Zealand, it also plays house for this 196 meter above the sea level mountain that marks itself as the peak point giving way to alluring view of the whole region. A stroll on this mountain is generally followed by delicious bite of authentic local food in the village nearby.

The next mountain on the list of must see is the highest mountain of New Zealand – Mount Cook or as locally called Aoraki. Considering its name as the base, Mount Cook National Park was structured around this mountain right in the middle of the South Island and was labeled as the World Heritage Park by UNESCO in the year 1986. The park basically consist of many peaks of the height of 3000 meters along with the highest peak of New Zealand standing tall at an elevation of 12,218 feet. For a panoramic view of the mountain along with its peak brothers and five glaciers you can take up a scenic flight over the park.

As we go up to the North Island we bang into Mount Taranaki, also called Mount Egmont located in the city of New Plymouth. The fascinating tidbit about this mountain is its symmetrical shape which also drew interest of the film production of The Last Samurai considering the shape similarity with Mount Fuji of Japan.

When we travel to the Eastern coast of the North Island, another place to visit is the busy city of Tauranga located in the Bay of Plenty offering uninterrupted seaside view of Mount Maunganui along with the impressive Mount Mauao that is known fora brilliant combo of beach and the mountain scenery blended together for the trekkers who dare to climb this mountain right to the top.

From east coast lets travel to the southern most tip of the North Island towards Wellington. Apart from being the capitol of North Island, this city also pays homage to Mount Victoria which in its unblemished view of the harbor as well as the whole city makes for perfect tourist stop or a romantic trip that can be prearranged by getting in touch with popular tours and travel agencies of New Zealand.

If you are hoping for the serene and sweeping views of the most famous Alps then the place to be is the South Island’s West Coast. The majestic Southern Alps is the crowing jewel of the South Island and New Zealand as whole. Jump on the scenic planes and picture away these southern peaks amidst the glaciers flowing from the mountains.

These top six mountains of New Zealand will definitely turn your vacation into grand and gigantic bundle of memories. Apart from this soaring beauties, you can enjoy the gorgeous beach views and wilderness like no other country can offer. Just book your tickets to New Zealand with FareMachine and fly to your dream holiday with cheap flight tickets.


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