Oktoberfest in the US – Time to Overflow!

June 29, 2017 Abhishek Mittal 0Comment

 Your mind needs stimulant and your heart wants bliss, the synonym is Oktoberfest.

The connotation of this carnival is to gather around at one place and open up your heart for the world’s largest Volksfest celebration. Oktoberfest has its origin from Germany and is celebrated each year with enthusiasm from people all over the world. The festival includes celebrations in the form of parades, food, music, dance, travelling funfair and most importantly the Beer Carnival.

Though Oktoberfest comes out from Germany but the merriment is largest in the United States. Over 30 cities in the USA celebrate the Oktoberfest annually with vigor and zeal. The tradition was started some 2 centuries back in the wedding of Princess Therese in Germany and since then the festival is a custom which later invaded the Americans and yes, it was caught on by the US.

Let us watch out for some of the perfect Oktoberfest Carnivals in the nation;

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, Cincinnati – conducts the largest Oktoberfest in the United Nations. Over half a million people from around the world visit the city of Cincinnati, Ohio during the festival. It also holds the record for the world’s largest Chicken Dance with 48000 contributors in the year 1994. The three day festival keeps people rolling their tongue on the beer barrels and the native German goetta (edible recipe). Zinzinnati demonstrates 7 music stages and 30 food vendors during the event, but beer is something which overflows in the entire occasion. Never the less, Oktoberfest also includes amusement parks and other activities for children.

Oktoberfest U.S.A. La Crosse, Winconsin – calling it ‘Oktoberfest U.S.A’ is relating the German heritage to the culture and customs of US. The festival in La Crosse attracts 250.000 people every year. The beer taps are in abundance everywhere at the venue. Dancing, eating and living your hearts out, it’s a perfect place to experience an Oktoberfest. The city of La Crosse is home to German habitants, and hence the call to this festival in Winconsin is like celebrating Oktoberfest in its home, Munich.

Wurstfest New Braunfels, Texas – is a 10 day festival which takes place in the month of November. Initially the festival was known as the ‘Sausage Festival’. Today the town of New Braunfels celebrates this occasion with Bavarian food trucks, a beer garden, live music and uncountable activities to coddle into. Since the event hits out in November, everyone has a chance to hunt down the other cities first and then set yourself for Texas hangover. All the small breweries of Texas are brought in, which allows them to polish themselves and shine in the festival.

Oktoberfest by the Bay, San Francisco – the city of San Francisco knows how to party and how to celebrate any occasion and if it’s the Oktoberfest, they go all in. The event is held on Pier 48 neglecting Mission Bay. The Oktoberfest is traditionally German here. It is hosted by the German American Society, sponsored by the German Brewery Spaten and the 21 piece Chico Bavarian Band plays the music throughout the event. So, if you want to visit Germany in USA, the place is San Francisco and the month is Oktober (October).

Mount Angel Oktoberfest, Oregon – the tradition inspired Oregon in 1965 and since then it is growing and attracting people like a beer magnet. It attracts to over 450.000 people and carries out for four days. Mount Angel has an outsized variety of food, beer and activities during the festival. Over 125 stalls are installed during the Oktoberfest which makes the beer and food flow into the spot. The Trappist serves the beer in the German Festival along with the few others. If you want a break from the beer run, fasten yourself up for some activities or food tasting, the multiplicity will never end.

Reading Liederkranz Oktoberfest, Pennsylvania this is known to be the perfect Oktoberfest celebration in the US. The carnival in Reading, Pennsylvania is celebrated with German traditions and customs. The Oktoberfest here is more family friendly, with live music, magic shows and traditional food the carnival is honored here. The club is a private area and only a guest list from a club member can get you in, into the festival. With thousands of people in the venue, grasping service men is never easy, but the essence of this traditional German Festival is here in Pennsylvania.

The Oktoberfest is celebrated in almost every state of the United States and every Oktoberfest has its own charm and tradition. If not all but at least one is worth a visit. It is not only about cheering beers or consuming the perfect of foods but about learning the tradition which is growing and will grow from country to country, continent to continent and the entire world. Visiting an Oktoberfest for the first time does not end your hunger, rather you’ll start craving for more. Get ready, be steady and just leave. Book for yourself a Cheap Flight and spend on the reason you’re there for.

It is the month of October which is calling you!

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