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Overcome Jet lag to Enjoy a Pleasant Journey

October 13, 2017 Priyannkaa Dey 0Comment

Traveling is a delightful experience and helps to gain real-world experience too. However, if you are an avid traveler then chances are that you are hopping from one destination to the other. It can be due to professional obligations too. One issue that frequent travelers usually face is jet lag as it normally takes time for the body to adapt. Daylight has quite an influence on the body’s natural cycle, jet lag is a direct result of that if one is flying across different time zones.

Tiredness can definitely ruin your travel plans and affect your overall schedule in a way that it can affect your health like making you irritable and nauseous. Anxiety can also be a direct result of jet lag. Although, the results are not long-term but can definitely disrupt your plans. While on a vacation, even the wastage of a single day is quite saddening.

Let’s explore a few jet lag tips by which you can get rid of jet lag and keep feeling chirpy and happy throughout your travel schedule:

– First and foremost, do not compromise on your sleep. Try snoozing on the plane during the journey, especially if you are going to land during daytime. It will keep you fresh. Try to get a seat with some leg room if possible so that you can stretch frequently. Normally avoid taking the exit rows and traveling on weekends (unless very important) to enjoy a peaceful nap.

– Flying during the day helps to adjust to the destination’s time zone easily. If one lands during evening, it becomes a bit easier for the body to adapt to the new time zone and deal with jet lag.

-Avoid late nights and hangover or too much drinking before boarding a flight to enjoy a pleasurable experience after the journey because this can worsen the jet lag. Even too much caffeine can keep you awake and later make you feel worse.

-Start adjusting to the new time zone one or two days before you travel to the new destination. There is no need to make drastic changes. However, going to bed 1-2 hours earlier or later can be helpful. Some mobile apps that calculate jet lag can be quite useful for this.

-Avoiding heavy meals is also good. Juice like carrot or orange can actually help to prevent jet lag or jet lag symptoms. Stay hydrated as much as you can! Try getting some exercise like raising and lowering your legs without disturbing nearby people.

– It is always good to roam around before boarding a flight as this will enable jet lag recovery after a flight. Sitting & waiting for hours before a flight and then again sitting & completing the journey can aggravate jet lag symptoms.

-Clothing is important. Sleep mask, neck pillow and loose clothes will help you to remain at ease. You can pack comfy clothes in your bag and later change in to it.

Furthermore, if your jet lag symptoms are very severe then consulting a doctor for some supplements before starting the journey is helpful. Avoid using electronic devices like mobile, tab etc for too long to avoid headaches. Get rid of jet lag with these tips and make wonderful memories- traveling is all about that!

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