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How to Pick the Perfect Seat in Economy

June 29, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

If you have been ever stuck in the center of the plane, occupying a middle seat you must have definitely spent long hours wondered how your life go so wrong.

Before you fly out, here are the few tips on how to get the perfect seat possible that makes your trip like a breeze.

No doubt, the easiest way to get the perfect seat is to pay for it. First class tickets or a business Class promises the perfect of comfort and makes you fly like a without a doubt.  

But these perks don’t come cheap. First Class and Business Class tickets are often 3-10 times more expensive. For budget travelers who want to save more money for the trip rather than squandering it on flight tickets often go for booking economical flight tickets. However, Affordable flight tickets come without any fancies or frills stripping out all the amenities.

Therefore it becomes imperative for flyers of economy class to make the perfect of what they have got. For about half the price of business class, almost all airlines have fast realized the importance of a mediocre class between the economical Economy and the Business Class; called as Premium Economy where passengers can get better food, more space and legroom to stretch, beyond that if you need to jib at only economy flying, then here are some of the perfect tips to secure the perfect seat in an Economy Class.

Buy an Exit row seat in Economy Class

A seat in the Exit row gives you great leg room viz a viz any economy seat ( with exception of bulkhead row in the Economy). A caution here is when the weather is chilling out there, the AC is less predictable near the row next to the door which can get frosty and chilled which may turn as an unpleasant tradeoff for extra leg room. Barring this, Exit row seat promises lots of leg room and the front of the Economy cabin is the quietest next to the engine. The rear tends to shake more during turbulence.

Some people will love the view outside while other like the broad aisle, Exit row seat definitely is more relaxing.

Check for the rear seats

In some planes, at the rear, the cabin tapers and a group of 3 seats on the window become 2 which means a lot of extra space. Here as well, its ideal for those who have patience as a virtue because you will be the last one for the food to be served and amongst the last ones to get off the plane but that could be a good tradeoff for lots of extra space.

Least preferred seats are the middle seats.

Choosing between the aisle and the window seat

Window seats are more undisturbed but if you need to stretch your leg in the flight then an aisle seat is better. However, the downside of an aisle seat is that you need to make way for the person sitting next to on the window and there is more commotion when people move to pick stuff from the overhead cabinet.

Avoid the toilet and the gallery area

Unpleasant odor, lots of commotion, every time a passenger opens the door of the washroom in the night there will always be a light intrusion.

Gallay areas are also to be avoided due to lots of pedestrian traffic and working staff all the time, especially during the meal times.

Always go for the earliest check-in

Many airlines allow for a check in a day or two before the flight, many will allow you to change the seat for free however others do charge for it. But checking in early allows you to get the seat you want.

Check out the plane you are flying on

There is a lot of difference between flying on new swanky A380 as compared to flying on a Boeing 737. On all you need to do is to enter the name of your airline and the flight number and it will open the seat map. Other sites like give you a comprehensive review of airline seats and services.

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