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Pink Lake in Australia

April 26, 2017 Nency Willims 0Comment

Pink Lake – a phenomenon that residents of Western Australia are familiar with but you wouldn’t be. A must visit on your next Australia vacation is to view these bubblegum pink lakes located within the Golden Outback area of Australia near a town called Esperance. The Pink Lake is located right next to the town and another lake with the name Lake Hillier also showing off the pink color is situated on Middle Island’s offshore making up the region of Recherche Archipelago.

You need to book your visit to Esperance in order to see this beautiful Pink Lake. On the other hand Recherche Archipelago can be reached either via a boat tour or taking up scenic flight in order to enjoy the spectacular sceneries of Lake Hillier in Middle Island. While Pink Lake and Esperance is about 447 miles (720 km) away from Perth in the direction of Southeast, it can also be reached by booking a flight from Perth which will take around 2 hours to reach your destination. For the same many guided tours are availed from Perth.

Apart from your visit to Pink Lake neighboring Esperance, you can also make a round of Lake Hillier and take in its mesmeric beauty up high from air along with an adventurous experience of going for diving or snorkeling in the Recherche Archipelago region.

Up next we have a section on many other activities that you can take part in while visiting the Pink Lakes:

  • Pink Lake: First is of course the main destination of your visit – the Pink Lake. It is located about 1.9 miles (approx 3 km) from the quaint town called Esperance. The lake turns a beautiful shade of pink due to high influx of algae in the water and thus is usually recommended to not go into the lake. However, brilliant snaps of the lake can be taken by standing on the lookout Eleven Mile Beach Road which is about 10 minutes via car from the Visitors Center of Esperance.
  • Lake Hillier: This is another specimen of pink water lake located on the largest island of Recherche Archipelago called Middle Island. It is about 70 miles (130 km approx) from the town Esperance. You can take in the spectacular view of this lake by booking a helicopter ride over the lake. The arrangements can be made by contacting the Esperance Visitor’s Center. Island Cruise of Esperance offers boat cruises around Middle Island for full day that brings tourist as close as possible to this pink lake. Cruises are scheduled to leave early in the morning and return back to base by dusk.
  • Dive Down or Snorkel in Recherche Archipelago: Recherche Archipelago is made up of around 100 and more islands that offer adventure water sports especially perfect for diving down or going for snorkeling. Group called Esperance Diving and Fishing make arrangements for secured diving from Esperance jetty.
  • National Parks around Esperance: The town plays host to number of famous National Parks with most visited being – Cape Le Grand National Park, Cape Arid National Park and Stokes National Park. Although famous for their own unique features all three parks do have few things in common – fantabulous coastal view, rare native animals and plants, peaceful lane for leisure walks.
  • Exploration of Esperance: Esperance native name is Kepa Kurl and is known for having water lei like a boomerang. One can spend ages in this place getting entertained with different sorts of activities like horse riding, cycling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, walking, 4WD tours, fishing, whale watching and abseiling. The town is filled with archaic facts about Western Australia.

Pink Lake is although just a day visit, there are many more interesting activities which can be planned to do in the surrounding area. We have listed only five but if you have an interesting activity to suggest do hit us up in the comment section.

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